TUTO: Cardigan embroidery

Flowers for winter! While staying warm, here's a tutorial for covering a cardigan with flowers 💛 Very easy to make, it's the ideal DIY to get you started (at last!) with embroidery, or make a quick project if you already know how to embroider.

👉 F or this DIY you need:

  • a wool cardigan
  • a wool needle
  • cameo embroidery thread for tapestry (here DMC n°4 matte twisted cotton, in various shades of green)
  • tapestry wool yarns (here Colbert DMC ecru)
  • an erasable felt-tip pen (optional: you can also try your hand at this without drawing a line)

👉 How to :
Draw a basic flower shape with leaves and stem in a few lines using the erasable marker. Start by creating the outline of the leaves by embroidering small, tight backstitches with the cotton thread. Then fill in the leaf with feather stitch, still using the same thread, working from top to bottom. Feather stitch is a filling stitch that makes it very easy to create foliage by creating small "V" shapes and then stitching down the middle.

Then embroider the stem in backstitches. 

Last but not least, create your flowers with small post stitches, this time using tapestry wool for a fluffier effect. Post stitch is often used to create small flowers, and consists in stitching the thread, then creating a knot by wrapping the thread around the needle, and finally gently pulling the thread, keeping the knot tight. Multiply the flowers, varying their shape and thickness (by changing the number of times you wrap the tapestry wool around the needle).

And ... TA-DA !!!