TUTO : embroidered heart

How to embroider a small heart in no time? You just have to do this cross embroidery trick that allows you to cover the whole design very quickly. Once you've learned this little trick, you'll be able to embroider last minute little attentions, leave little sweet words on a fabric coupon, personalize clothes and why not repair (adorable!) holes on a sweater?

👉For this DIY you need:

  • some red embroidery thread (here DMC cotton n°4 for tapestry)
  • of the fabric
  • a tapestry or wool needle
  • an embroidery drum (optional)

👉 How todo it? Nothing could be easier! Just follow the embroidery tip shown in the video: by alternating tight crossings, you will cover the heart in less time than it takes to read this text!❤️🏁