TUTO: embroidered heart

How do you embroider a little heart in no time at all? All you have to do is try this cross-embroidery trick, which quickly covers the entire motif. Once you've mastered this little trick, you're ready for last-minute embroidery, sweet nothings left on a fabric coupon, personalized garments and why not repair (adorable!) holes in a sweater?

👉For this DIY you need:

  • a little red embroidery thread (here DMC n°4 tapestry cotton)
  • fabric
  • a tapestry or wool needle
  • an embroidery drum (optional)

👉How do Ido it? It couldn't be easier! Just follow the embroidery tip shown in the video: by alternating tight crossings, you'll cover the heart in less time than it takes to read this text!❤️🏁