It's back to school time! We're starting with a little DIY makeover with this very simple and very accessible tuto: grow flowers from your pockets! đŸŒžđŸŒŒ

Here's the perfect tutorial to get you started in embroidery if you've always dreamed of it, or to indulge yourself with this quick project if you're already well-versed in needle and thread.

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • a garment with a pocket
  • embroidery thread
  • a needle with a large eye
  • a Frixion Ball-type erasable felt-tip pen

👉How to:

Start by drawing your flowers as you like above the pockets, extending the stem a little inwards. Choose simple flower shapes.

First, we'll embroider the stems: take the embroidery thread as it is on the skein, i.e. 6 strands, thread it through the needle, and fold it in half to make 12 strands in all.

Follow your design by embroidering in stem stitch! This will create a volume that makes the whole thing quite realistic.

Continue with leaf embroidery: fill them with small V-shaped stitches, this time with 4 strands.

As for the heart of the flower, make it using small knot stitches (2 strands) held tightly together.

Finally, finish with the petals: again take the skein as is (6 strands), and embroider them, going back and forth 3 times for each petal.

Multiply the flowers as much as you like!

And ... TA-DA !!!

💛 đŸŒžđŸŒŒ 💛

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