Today a DIY way linocut, but on fabric! 🌼
This is the perfect tuto to save old linen or family linen that is a little damaged, faded or with small stains ... Often of great quality, old linen deserves to be saved and get out of our closets!
Here we found a set of towels and a beautiful tablecloth on Leboncoin with very small stains that we have cleverly covered with flowers.

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • a tablecloth and towels, in natural material such as linen or cotton
  • basic linocutting equipment (linoleum and gouges)
  • paint, textile if possible, but acrylic will work too!
  • small brushes or rollers

👉How to:

Decide on your design and the number of stamps needed to make it (in this case, three). Break it down into shapes on paper.
Transfer them to the linoleum by tracing their contours.
Then engrave all around your shapes with the gouge: everything that will be dug out will not be printed on the fabric.
Choose and work your colors and then gently apply paint to your finished shapes. Turn them over and place them precisely on the fabric where you want the design to be printed. Complete the design with your stamps until you have your entire design!
Then repeat it as you like: staggered, lined up, scattered ... You can also play with colors by alternating them, or make different patterns.

And ... TA-DA!!!

PS: When washing, remember to iron your fabric paint according to the instructions on the package.

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