TUTO : cut paper

Here's a decorative DIY with a cut paper wording, to give, and/or to keep: this tuto allows you to make multiple copies! 🌈Inspiredby the oh-so-beautiful tradition of Mexican #papelpicado, we wanted to make a framed version, with a nod to the colorful stripes of our beloved Paula skirt. As for the wording, it's a perfect mantra for the beginning of the year! This tuto doesn't require any super complicated techniques, just a little patience and thoughtfulness đŸ„°

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • tissue paper (here orange, red, pink and yellow)
  • scissors
  • a scalpel
  • a sheet of thick drawing paper for the background
  • masking tape
  • a cutting mat
  • erasable marker and/or pencil
  • a can of repositionable glue
  • our file n°1 to download here for the cutting and here the file n°2 for the model

👉How todo :

Layer all your tissue paper colors (1 sheet of each) on your cutting mat. Tape the edges with masking tape. Then tape the cutting pattern (file #1) printed on top. With the scalpel, make small cuts following the design. When you cut, do it gently, and hold the paper with the index finger of the other hand, very close to the cut: this way there will be no tears! Then "empty" each cutout by removing all the layers of paper. Cut out all the designs one by one. It takes a little patience but don't panic, it goes much faster than you might think 💛

Once you've finished all the cuts, run the scalpel around the sheet: don't peel off the masking tape, it will tear the tissue paper, which is very fragile! 

Gently release each colored leaf one by one. It's magical!

Take your printed color template (file #2), then place a first sheet (here, the orange one) on top and mark with a felt pen where it should be and the two diagonals to be drawn. Then cut along these diagonals on the cutting mat. Proceed in the same way for each color.

This way you get all the parts. The advantage of this tutorial: you can make several frames and not just one, since you will have unused parts left! 

On your drawing paper that will serve as a background, trace with a pencil the outline of your printed sheet, to guide you when you will glue. 

Now, using the spray, cover the back of each diagonal with glue. Place these very gently on the design paper, starting at one corner and then gently pushing the paper down. The fact that the glue is repositionable means you won't make a mistake, you have about 5 minutes to correct 😉

Glue each strip of paper one after the other. Cut to the size of your frame, and place it in the frame!

And ... TA-DA!!! 🎊

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