TUTO: Gift packages

Not your average gift pack: a DIY idea that'll make your tree sparkle and provoke "waaaahs" and "ooooohhs"! With engraving images found on @leboncoin or printed from the internet, some ribbons, pretty labels and glossy paper, upgrade your gift-wrapping game 🎉

Your gifts will be even more beautiful, and the people you give them to will be even more touched by the attention đŸ«¶

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • gift wrap, preferably in solid colors (and if it's metallic, it's even more beautiful!)
  • ribbons, you can choose a range of similar tones or, on the contrary, be completely multicolored. 
  • you can also add a few shiny braids
  • labels (or thick cut paper)
  • double-sided tape and regular tape
  • green glue
  • a cutter or scalpel
  • scissors of course
  • and ... presents! 

👉How tomake :

Start by collecting all your images. There are lots and lots of old books on @leboncoin at very low prices, where you can find beautiful flower engravings to scan or take photos of and print. These engraving books are goldmines for DIY in general. Search with the key words "colored flower engravings", and you'll find wonders! Alternatively, you can search the Internet for royalty-free images! Print everything in the best possible quality.

Next, cut out all the flowers with a scalpel. 

Then wrap all your gifts in the paper.

Stick your cut-out flowers to them using double-sided tape: this will allow you to move them around if you need to, and create over-and-under games with the ribbons.

And now for the ribbons and braids: cut them one by one, each time adapting them to the size of your packets. Attach them with double-sided tape or a dot of glue. Cross them to create beautiful patterns! đŸ„°

Personalize with pretty labels, or create your own by cutting colored Canson-type paper with serrated or zigzag scissors. .. ✂

And ... TA-DA!!! 💜