TUTO: Felt confetti throw

Forever party all the way to the sofa 🎉Todaya DIY "Plaid confetti" to put some color even on a sad plaid 🌈 And as always we encourage you not to throw away something that can be repaired, so here it will be the ideal tuto to hide a small hole or stains. Grab a few episodes of your favorite series or podcast, and off you go!

👉For this DIY you need:

  • felt in any color (scraps from old DIYs will do!)
  • scissors
  • an erasable felt-tip pen
  • sewing thread in the colors of the felt coupons
  • a needle
  • a jam jar or other round object
  • pins
  • a plaid!

👉How to :

It's so easy! Use your jam jar to draw circles on the felts, squeezing them tightly to accommodate as many as possible. Here, the diameter of our confetti was 8cm. 

Cut out all the circles. Remove any traces of felt with an iron or hairdryer. Sprinkle the felt confetti irregularly over your plaid, choose the locations and pin in place.

Then sew them one by one in small stitches using a thread the color of the confetti.

And ... TA-DA!!! 🎊