It's DIY o'clock!

Great news, this tuto is feasible even if you are not at all manual!
It takes time (a few episodes of the series and hop!) but requires very little material for a maximum effect. This decorative curtain is made of "chains" of paper assembled to form a pattern in the colors of your choice!

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • sheets of colored paper such as canson, a little thick 
  • a stapler 
  • a cutter or scissors 
  • a rule  
  • a roll of gift wrap  

👉How to:

If you want to follow our pattern, go to here to download it. Otherwise, decide on your design and turn it into a similar grid (you can print it out and just draw a grid by hand, all squares must be the same size).

One square = 1 paper strip + 1 link connecting it to the strip below.  

Cut out a few strips. You can then cut some as you go along, no need to prepare them all in advance. Here we have chosen a size of 3 cm x 10.5 cm.  

Then take a tab, fold it to form a cylinder, staple. Pass the next strip inside the circle, staple. And ... so on!  

Here our pattern was made of 20 columns and 28 lines. But feel free to change it: longer, shorter, other colors ... Feel free to correct your pattern at the end, sometimes the paper reacts differently on some lines and it is then necessary to add some links. 

Once all the columns are done, run your roll through all the first links at the top of your design. Insert a ribbon so you can hang it up... 

And ... TA-DA!!!

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