TUTO: Phone strap

Ah, the telephone ... whether we like it or not, we always have it with us! But how do you upgrade it to make it (almost) a piece of jewelry? With a DIY strap, you can create your own color combinations and change them as much as you like 🎉

👉For this DIY you need:

  • cotton embroidery thread in the color of your choice
  • a tapestry or wool needle
  • coloured wooden beads
  • a cell phone case (available on the Internet or from a cyber cafe) with two small rings attached.

👉 How do Ido it? Easy! First, choose the color sequence you'd like for the beads. Take 4 strands of embroidery thread (or more, if it passes through your beads) at least 3m50 long. Tie 3 tight knots at the end, leaving a good 15 cm free upstream.

Thread a bead through the needle, then tie another 3 tight knots against the bead to hold it in place. The bead is now held between triple knots on either side. 

Continue stringing your beads in the desired order, isolating each one with 3 knots. 

You'll need a good length: test it on yourself to see what works for you as a shoulder strap. Finally, once the last bead has arrived, finish with a series of solid knots, hook onto one of the rings by knotting and passing the thread through several times, then thread the thread onto your needle again and pass it through several beads to secure the whole. Tie 2 final knots and hide the thread in a bead. Do the same for the other ring and .... 

TA-DA! âŁïž