Make My Lemonade,

Made In Europe from 34 to 52


Make My Lemonade is a ready-to-wear and design brand and design brand founded by Lisa Gachet in 2015.
Since its inception, it has distinguished itself by its unique approach approach to design and creativity, encouraging the community to express their individuality through fashion, decoration and DIY.

The clothing collections are made in Europe and available in sizes 34 to 52, both online and in our Paris boutique at 61 Quai de Valmy.


Made in Europe


All our garments are made in Europe.
Our workshops are located in Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and even Paris, and we visit them regularly.
We have built up a relationship of trust with those who enable us to manufacture our garments in the best possible conditions.

We also create something new with fabrics from a second production circuit: we recover unused fabrics, or the ends of rolls, from the stocks of major fashion houses to create new pieces.

With each collection, we reduce the use of synthetic materials in our garments. Today, after several months' work with our teams and suppliers, we can offer collections composed mainly of natural or recycled materials.

A maximum of natural materials

This pictogram indicates that the garment is made from a natural material.

Made in Europe

All Make My Lemonade garments are made in our workshops in Europe.

Favoring recycled or upcycled materials

This pictogram indicates that the garment is woven with recycled fibers of natural or synthetic origin.


What quantities are produced?


All our pieces are limited editions, so we adapt our production quantities according to our product and our growth. When we recover fabrics from stock, we are constrained by the quantity of material available, which limits our production quantities.

But if your favorite piece is sold-out, don't forget to subscribe to the "stock alerts " on the product page, so you'll receive an e-mail in the event of a customer return.

Subscribing to stock alerts also lets us know which pieces you like best, and is an excellent way for us to adjust our quantities for future collections.

Some pieces make a comeback on an exceptional basis, when we see that they're in great demand. In such cases, we do our utmost to restart production.



For several collections now, pre-orders have been a great success. This principle enables us to produce the right quantity and avoid overproduction.
Only the quantities sold are produced, and the raw materials are woven on demand.

It also allows us to show you every step, step by step, in the making of a garment. From design, to sales, to production in our factories and delivery.