Do you know Memphis, the revolutionary design and architecture movement of the 80s? The Lemonade studio has encapsulated this pop spirit with multicolored prints and a love for geometric shapes in its new Paris to Memphis collection! A concentrate of freshness, good vibes and multivitamin prints that give you a boost for the beautiful days.

With this new collection, populated with ultra-light materials, we wanted to offer you a one-way ticket to a sunny destination where you can feel lighter in the heart. Shot at the impressive Villa Cavrois, these pieces were designed to be worn in the city or by the sea, to the rhythm of your wildest summer adventures.

Link Studio photographs for Make My Lemonade.




If you have been following us for a while, you probably know thehe Martha body. It is THE feel-good piece, the studio's darling and an absolute favorite for many of you. Good news: Martha is back in new colors!

But if you are new around here, let us introduce you to it. This bodysuit was born 5 years ago, and was an immediate success, and for good reason.

Ultra-glamorous, thanks to its draped effect at the neckline, it is also very adaptable: it can be worn low cut or with the sleeves higher on the shoulders! But most of all, it adapts to your shape in a very soft way thanks to its composition: it is made of a very soft cotton and its touch of elastane makes it stretchy.

Photographs Laurence Revol for Make My Lemonade.



Make My LemonadeLisa is Lisa of course, but it's also a close-knit team and loyal friends with whom we love to collaborate. This is what we did for "Soul Trip", our new collection designed with Marie Victoire de Bascher. Marie Victoire is an artist with an overflowing imagination, and above all, a true fashion enthusiast. As you can imagine, when Lisa and I sat down to think about it, it was like a sparkle. Together, they exchanged their inspirations and desires of the moment to obtain a maximalist collection, brimming with bright colors and retro patterns. The original patterns designed by Marie Victoire take us into a dreamlike universe anchored in the 70s. For the studio, it's a real return to the roots: cheerful, assertive pieces to mix & match without moderation. A single watchword: no limits. Follow these two freedom-loving designers on their psychedelic journey, for an outpouring of infectious good humor and jubilant fitting sessions.

Link Studio photographs for Make My Lemonade.


It was during a sleepless night that our founder, who was (very) pregnant at the time, put down on paper the outline of an instinctive and hormone-fueled collection. A few weeks later, little Suzanne was born, and today, it's the turn of this unbridled collection to be born! Named Suzy Fantasy, it tells the story of an intense period of expectation and fantasy.

Inspired by Lisa's ties and dreams, this colorful retro capsule is brimming with strawberry, leopard, sage green or carmine red in an exuberant mix & match. There are intensely feminine pieces ranging from a jacket worthy of an American road-trip to bodies with sophisticated sleeves.

Suzy Fantasy is for those who don't care about rules and follow their desires. And above all, it comes at the right time in January to chase away our grey ideas while waiting for the nice days.

Photographs by Manu Fauque for Make My Lemonade.




Can you hear Mariah Carey's bells in the distance? So can we...

We loved this reinterpretation of the perilous excercise from the year-end collection!

For this Christmas 2021, we adjust an old radio that sizzles and we embark on our alfa romeo spider. Direction the country of the prints 70's, the soft velvet and the leopard of madness.

Beware, there are only iconic pieces! We have developed new models that will make your heart skip a beat.

Photographs by Manu Fauque for Make My Lemonade.





The sun will always shine at Make My Lemonade

It's time to introduce you to the Be Bold collection! Put on your sunglasses and open your arms wide, we're sending you love through our screens. Beauty in spades and new scrunchies you'll love, we already know. Stripes, checks, colorblocks that hit the retina and a sense of detail pushed to the extreme to design you comfortable and unique clothes.

In September 2021, we present you our new line of leather goods. line of leather goods. We present you : Gigi, Gina and Giorgio are exclusive limited edition models developed with our workshop based in Morocco. We hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed designing them for you.

A good dose of colors to attack the new school year!

Photographs by Charlotte Navio for Make My Lemonade.