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Welcome to the Lemonade Couture Club, the Lemonade Studio's library of patterns .

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Our library already has dozens of patterns from the top models of our collections, accessible at any time and with no download limit!

  •   Something new every month 

Addictive as can be, this monthly sewing appointment lets you discover a new pattern PDF of the current ready-to-wear collection, with its video and step-by-step instructions. As a subscriber, some patterns are exclusively reserved for you.

  •   A Couture Gift every year

To celebrate your 1 year subscription, we offer you a surprise at the 13e month to extend the special Lemonade Couture Club experience. Our way to thank you for your loyalty.

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📍Notice to new.elles on our site, to start a subscription, you will need to create a customer account, then place an order for Lemonade Couture Club.

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