It's DIY o'clock!

The great news is that this tutorial is feasible even if you're not AT ALL manual!
It's time-consuming (a few episodes of the series and you're done!) but requires very little material for maximum effect. This decorative curtain is made up of paper "chains" assembled to form a pattern in the colors of your choice!

👉Forthis DIY you need:

  • coloured sheets of slightly thick canson-type paper 
  • a stapler 
  • a paper cutter or scissors 
  • a rule  
  • a roll of gift wrap  

👉How to:

If you'd like to follow our pattern, go to here to download it. Otherwise, decide on your design and turn it into a similar grid (you can print it out or simply draw a grid by hand - all squares must be the same size).

One square = 1 paper strip + 1 link connecting it to the strip below.  

Cut out a few strips. There's no need to prepare them all in advance. Here we've chosen a size of 3 cm x 10.5 cm.  

Then take a tab, fold it into a cylinder and staple. Staple the next strip inside the circle. And so on!  

Here, our pattern consisted of 20 columns and 28 lines. But feel free to change it: longer, shorter, different colors ... Don't hesitate to correct your pattern at the end, as sometimes the paper reacts differently on certain lines and you need to add a few links. 

Once all the columns are complete, thread your roller through all the first links at the top of your design. Insert a ribbon to hang the whole thing ... 

And ... TA-DA !!!

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