Hello kitties ! 

I was supposed to post this article yesterday, but as a result of overthinking it, starting to write and then doubting my words, I decided to simplify my life and stop trying to write lame summaries, it’s not an exercise in which I excel, birthdays… So I’m going to try to be brief, because, without me even realizing what was happening, Make My Lemonade has changed my life… I am truly moved because I realized it last week, without even really thinking about it – the blog celebrated its third birthday. Three years, that I’ve been running around for. Two years since I went out on my own and 1 year since the existence of the Lemon Team ! I’m emotional because within 3 years, my life has changed and it’s all thanks to the blog, and to you. When I decided to embark on my blog adventure, I felt like I was sending out a message in a bottle into the vast ocean of the internets and eventually, you found me me, a wave of love, there are more and more of you every day… I find it crazy to think that I tell you to meet back here in every article, I read your opinions through your comments, your e-mails, on social networks… I am filled with gratitude, and it’s so nice to get such great feedback on what you do. So thank you, for that, for being so sweet, so intelligent and so sensitive as well. You make me want to be a better person, tosurprise you, a bit like a love story, you make me grow up, and over time, I’ve learned to do things to please you but above all for myself… You have enabled me to achieve my wildest dreams, but we’ll talk more about that very soon…And despite me being a pile of doubts, you allow me to climb my way up the ladder of life, a bit higher every day. I apologize for not warning you that this would be a cheesy article with violins playing and heart-shaped chocolates floating around, but that’s just how it came out… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

If you would be so kind as to help me out, all you need is two minutes, I would love for you to answer the following three questions which have been nagging at me, yes nagging, as it would greatly help me to better provide your daily dosage of lemonade…

  • - At what point in your day do you usually consult Make My Lemonade, in the morning with your breakfast, at noon when you get back from your lunch break, in the evening during your commute home ?
  •  - What kind of feature articles would you like to see more of ? DIY, Outfits, Beauty tips, Making of, tell me what you think?
  •  - If you could optimize something in terms of navigation, would you like to have a lemonade forum for DIY helpful tips, fabric shops and sewing classes ?

Lemonadely yours, 


Translated by Ida Driscoll

25 mars, 2015