I’m thinking about another topic thanks to this picture, really high heels... The other day, my friend Justine B sent me a  doctumentary about shoes and their strange power of fascination, God save my shoes... I’d advise you to watch it with «second-degree» special glasses, it’s very funny and well made. It reassured me on the fact that sky-high heels are and will always be unwearable and uncomfortable. I need to stop making people believe that «Noo I’m telling you, they are ultra comfy and easy to wear everyday»... Bullshit I cry when I take them and I could totally change radically for a pair of Uggs right now. I live with it, they are high, they are pretty, they are killing me but they are beautiful, I love them etc... It’s a bit like a love story, we always end up forgiving them... And for the more reasonable of you rendez-vous on Sézane’s for this pair that I tested on a daily basis and even though they are a lot less high than what I am used to wear they are as sexy (with a special mention for their 80’s side).

10 septembre, 2013