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A day with Sézane... 

It’s a special day on the blog... A few months ago, I met Morgane, the talented creator of Sézane. I literally had a crush for this young woman, I hope I’ll soon be able to make her portrait for «the good people» section, so you can meet her a little bit, she really is a very beautiful person...

On the professional side, we agreed on to open a club for hyper-active girls, happy to wake up in the morning and to start writing email at 7 am because it is impossible for us to sleep longer given that the day will be so full in surprises and developments. Some crazy girls that tasted the joy and the freedom of being your own boss, I think that some of you will see themselves in this club as well.

Sézane is a clothing, shoes and accessorizes brand that I love. Beyond the fact that I am a fan of its creator, when I see her collections I can feel that she put her heart into it, her items are made with taste and beautiful materials. It’s tangible... With her little team, she spreads her collections every months on her e-shop, it’s a real rendez-vous with her customers each time, true sézane addict, it’s crazy to see how Sézane unleashes passions, her products are sold out in no time.

When Morgane offered me to work for her as a set designer, to imagine a mood series around her new collection I was super flattered, especially because she uses beautiful images and she spreads out her fashion style like nobody else... I wanted to go further with this order by doing my job as a set designer but also by taking the pictures myself. What en experience! I literally loved it, after a visit to the photo-equipment renter and a training by my friend Charlotte Evrard I got started... What a satisfaction, I want more! I’ll show you this order all day long, I hope you’ll like it, and here is the picture #1!!

See you tonight for a fashion-week-in-NY report! Sweet kisses.



Merci à Morgane, Thomas et Corentin…

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