palette jaune 

My kittens,

 I’ve never worked so much that since I quit my job ! It is amazing: every day is a new project with its lot of surprises (and stress!) and the day after is a totally different new game with news things at stake, new client etc... I knock on wood so it lasts ! It is delightful right now and I am up-to-date in all my homework so I can peacefully debrief with you on my express trip to NYC... Lucky me ! I am lucky though, I went there with the Gemey Maybelline team and I can say that I was very impressed, I made myself little and I took half a million of pictures, like a paparazzi who’d be lucky enough to see Johnny Deep french kissing Monica Bellucci... You see


palette rouge 

 I felt so privileged during these 4 days... I went backstage, I discovered the secret of street style, I saw amazing collections and I got to watch the Gemey Maybelling 2014 shooting as if it was completely normal for me to be there, with 12 muses that were each more outstanding than the other... I was a mouse with a camera stuck on my face... And the cherry on the cheesecake was that this trip coincided with the one year anniversary of Make My Lemonade... So much ground has been covered since then ! And what a wonderful gift it was for me who are, as you all know, in love with this City... This time I didn’t went through my good addresses for you because I think it was covered with my last trip... 


palette bleu copie


This time I wanted to bring back colors, a whole range of colors. Many of you were asking me what was inspiring me, well it’s ALL of this, the detail of a red light standing out against a taupe wall, a pair of cosmic sneakers, the gradation of lipstick on a magazine’s page... I am a real sponge... And what about you ? Where do you find the inspiration ? I come back to you soon with more posts about this trip, I have addresses for men this time found by the amazing Hana May ! And I also want to show you my pics from backstage and the street style madness...

20 février, 2013