Hello my little kitties! 

I hope your weekend was full of sunshine, personally I feel great, my batteries are recharged with Vitamin D! We had over 5 days of sun in one week, I think we can say that Springtime has officially arrived! I am in a trance, doing the “sundance” in rolled-up jeans, it’s like I’ve been filled wih a new positive energy! And I’m back today to talk to you about a magical moment and a big cherry on top of the cake, you too will be able to take part! Ah I can’t hold out any longer, I’m taking you with me…



Several days ago, with the kind participation of Chanel, I was fortunate to live out a new Lesage experience. Remember last year when I went to visit the Lesage and Lemarié workshops during the making of the Paris-Dubaï collection? I had tried my hand at classic sequins embroidery with the precious assistance of Dominique. It was nuts, wonderfully refreshing, albeit too short, I could have stayed for hours with those embroideresses, have them adopt me if that’s what it would have taken. Then, several weeks ago, Chanel and their art houses offered me an Introduction to Lunéville Hook Embroidering class at the School of Lesage…



Needless to say, hysteria…Because it was already a insane and unique experience, but especially because I had absolutely never, ever before touched a crochet hook in my life…I was so excited to go back to school! And having seen all the documents on the Loïc Prigent’s workshops, I was fascinated by the ease with which the embroideresses would stitch square meters of microscopic Rocaille beads and other decorative sequins with these infamous crochet hooks. I was lucky enough to have a teacher all to myself, the sweet Aline, who was so patient with me…and very pedagogical. I quickly succeeded in doing chain stitches in every direction, I just kept going and going!



The School of Lesage offers embroidering classes for all levels, it’s just like ski medals, after your level is validated, you can go up in level and have access to new training, until you get your black belt in embroidery and then you can apply for the embroidering classes, as their institution is recognized by the biggest luxury houses…I took an introduction to crochet class in which I learned to do chain stitches, sequins and bead embroidery…A real pleasure with great people! And since it’s been a while since I’ve spoiled you, along with the House of Lesage and the art houses of Chanel, we will be offering you the change to win a class in Introduction to Hook Embroidering! Yes, it’s true, you’re not dreaming!

To participate, nothing could be easier; all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me about the last creative thing you learned! I will draw the lucky winner’s name at random for my happy Friday! I’m looking forward to reading your comments!


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-DIY-lesage-1 Translated by Ida Driscoll

13 avril, 2015