Happy saturday honeys, 

No my loves, today I am not about to talk to you about drugs obviously. But about colorful rapture, Armani contacted me to offer me to test their recently launched new lipsticks « Ecstasy ». You know there are partnerships like this one that you cannot refuse, especially when you have carte blanche and the possibility to do absolutely everything you want with the products. 

You start to know my passion about lipsticks, when I wear some I think it finishing any outfit, like a bottom page signature. So, when I received all the lipsticks, I first loved the packaging, an object, a real and heavy one with a  magnetic lid, a beautiful object you see, and the color coming out was mad. A king of desirable and retro object that made me thing of my childhood. That moment when you watch your mom with the eyes of love applying her lipstick, and that moment when you secretly put it all over your face, the little pleasure that is playing to be the one you’ll become, lipstick still is to me a «grown-up game».




A few time ago I saw a picture on Tumblr, that I can’t find anymore of course, but let me telling it to you, it was setting two women playing chess with lipsticks. So amazing, their expression was was deep and crazy and I thought I’d inspire myself from it to present this collection to you. Flowers and colors, it feels good, doesn’t it ?




To cut a long story short, if you’re looking for a mate lipstick keep going. Very often, lipsticks with lots of pigments in are very dry and often only a little comfortable after few hours. Here we are with total comfort, I feel like a lipstick and a cold cream made love together to give birth to Ecstasy... The result is transparent color that you can modulate to get its intensity higher. You can very well wear it as it is of you can also apply a first layer, pat it with a tissue and apply a second layer, and start these steps until you have the wanted colors... Thank you Mai for this crazy tip!


12 octobre, 2013