Happy Monday my little kitties!

The recipe for avocado toast is not all that revolutionary nowadays, I’m using our food feature as an excuse to speak to you about myself… I think the personality trait that defines me the most is my impatience. I spend my life saying things like “I can’t wait”, “I’ll be happy when the day comes,” “in such a rush to be there.” That’s the way I am. When my sweetheart met my Mom for the first time, he asked her to tell him what my biggest flaws were….Instead of replying that he would discover them sooner than he thought, she told him: Lisa is stubborn and above all, impatient. And it’s funny because at that moment, it occurred to me that I had never perceived my impatience as a flaw but rather as my driving force. And then, I realized that over time, this thirst for speed, this need for a quick result, has gotten worse since the arrival of the internet in my life.



Today, I will not talk about my impatience at work because in my opinion, I could actually write a novel or at least a long post about it. But I realized that this chronic lack of patience was seriously starting to make me sick, in the literal sense of the word. It’s been a while now that I’ve been wondering more and more about my eating habits, what is good, really good for me, beyond what we read  in magazines, about the latest diet trend, but about how I feel inside and what I really need. And lately, I’ve found that I often do not have the patience to wait for a meal to be ready. The first scenario is: I snack on the ingredients until the meal is ready and I also eat the dish once it’s cooked, so I eat twice. Second hypothesis, I prefer to opt for fast food by default instead of firing up the oven, so I eat junk food, okay, so it’s lack of patience and laziness in this case. And the last scenario, which for me was the thing that changed everything, is that sometimes I come home late and I'm tired and hungry, but I prefer to just go to sleep rather than simply taking 5 minutes to reheat some food… So I end up not eating at all. In short, it is really about awareness ... So I want to work on my patience, and I think I will start making progress with that by paying more attention to what I put on my plate.




Here are 3 recipes for those renowned avocado toasts, super easy to make, for the stove-top-impatient ones out there.

First variation: On whole wheat grain bread, spread a layer of cream cheese, then a layer of radishes cut mandolin-style, and a half avocado thinly sliced, add a trickle of olive oil and a pinch of flaxseed. Make yourself two toasts like this with a cold soup and a small green salad with some slices of Grisons beef and you’ve got yourself a first-class, express lunch.

Second idea: On whole wheat grain bread, place some grapefruit sections mixed with small avocado cubes, place thin slices of cucumber and sprinkle with sunflower seeds and chives. In ideal accompaniment to this super fresh variation would be to add some crab crumbs or large cooked shrimp, or arugula to your toast, topped off with an apple, carrot, ginger juice, and a yogurt!

And my favorite for last: On whole wheat grain bread, mash up half an avocado with your fork, add about 10 dried cranberries, and poach an egg, (what do you mean it’s too complicated? Watch this video, it is NOT to be missed!) and sprinkle some poppy seeds on top…Enjoy your toasts with a tomato salad or a small plate of shredded carrots, a yogurt and a bowl of strawberries, and you’ll be in business!




And what about you, do you have any quick, healthy recipes you take care of yourself with?


Translated by Ida Driscoll



11 mai, 2015