Happy Monday, It seems like the weather has decided be normal again! Don’t worry, starting on Wednesday, summer’ll be back! There you have it folks, this week’s weather forecast... Today I’d like to tell you about a project that’s got all of us at the office excited... after months of secrets, I’m thrilled to get to tell you about our new collaboration : Birchbox x Wear Lemonade! About nine months ago, Birchbox got in touch with us to see about decorating their September box and to pick out its’ contents! At that time, I was busy creating the July/August/September collection. I wasn’t sure at first, but in the end, like always, I thought it would be a great opportunity to design something! I thought the letter ‘S’ we made out of lipstick for our Etsy alphabet turned out well. All of a sudden it came to me, it made sense to mix up beauty and fashion for Birchbox by using the lipstick as a way to make the collection’s pattern!
We also added a special Lemonade touch by choosing the products that you’ll find inside the box! Usually the different designers’ collaborations leave me wanting more. I didn’t want to just design the box or slip in a tote bag, I really wanted to give you something you could carry everywhere...
Inside the KISS Box is a small version of our beloved polka­dotted, super soft, and summery Dalida scarf! We also picked out the three Peonies lipstick colors to go with our pattern. Quick tip: put one color on your upper lip and a different one on the bottom lip, blot with a kleenex and Ta­Da! There are of course my three must­have products too, perfectly travel­sized: a Rituals cream and perfume, a Codage cream, and a Furterer hair mask! And the good news doesn’t stop there­ we’re giving 20€ off every Wear Lemonade order more than 100€ with the code “KISSME”!
There you have it, the KISS* Box, *Keep It Simple, Smile. Take time to enjoy the little things, keep things simple, and stay relaxed! I promise you that the Lemonade Studio is bustling with lots of neat new projects to come, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!
Translated by Whitney Bolin

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