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Hello my little kitties!

I write you this post very quickly because I wanted to share some news with you… I am 27 today and I think I am feeling a bit different… Nothing wrong, just because time flies and I realize that life is nice, crazy and delicious. However, as far as I remember when I was a child, I told myself: “When I will be 24, I will have a big bust, I will be married, I will have children, and I will always be travelling because of my archeologist job…

Well, I am not 24 anymore, and nothing of this happened to me (or almost nothing). No I am not pregnant, I am talking about the wedding and I have to tell you some things about it soon! Anyway, today I write you this post because I realize that I decided to open Make My Lemonade when I was 24 and I repeat it but it completely changed my life… Since my 24th birthday, I have met hundreds of nice people and even if every day is not a great day, there is always a reason for celebrating!

When I was a child, I could not imagine that one day I will be 27 (so old), with a website (web…what?), with a future husband from Denmark (how did we succeed to communicate together?), being my own boss (how did I get there?), having a crazy team that works with me (OMG!), a clothing line (what about the dinosaurs?) and receiving semitrailers of love and encouragements everyday from my community of anonymous kitties… I could never guess the last point when I was a child…

Anyway, I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ because I am going to make this day a marathon of happiness moments with only things that make me happy! I am going to see and spend some time with all the people I like and I was thinking that it would be nice to start this day with you!

I send you big kisses, and I am going to take some time for me, go to the gym, buy fabrics, love, eat, cry and be surprised!


Translated by Coralie Clair

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20 juin, 2015