Hello my little chestnuts!

I am in love with flowers, real ones above all but I can also fall in love with the silk flowers from Karuna. About floral art, I am not an expert. I know how to associate colors but I do not always remember the name of each flower… I really enjoy buying random flowers and create my own bouquets… It is not that easy to find a good florist in Paris, affordable and creative at the same time, so I prefer to bring all the flowers I want at the studio and do everything myself instead of being disappointed by a foliage or a too girly packaging. Some time ago, I had the opportunity to go to Rungis to buy some flowers for an event and I really wanted to go back to make my own floral compositions for my wedding place. When we talk about Rungis, we talk about waking up at 2 in the morning to be there at 3… And the day before your wedding, it is not recommended to go for night floral expeditions.




Last July, I met Clement and Arthur, the founders of Bloom's and it was the revelation! These two cousins decided to revolutionize the online sale of flowers. They mainly focused on DIY and seasonal flowers. How does it work? On their website, you just need to choose your flowers, foliage and the size of your bouquet, in order to receive 48 hours later your box and create your own bouquet(s).  These guys are very generous and you can really create various small compositions… The prices are affordable (from €18) and the flowers are fresh. It is different from all the other classic flowers delivery websites where the bouquets pictures are usually, as the burgers in McDonald’s, very different from those you buy… If you do not know what to choose, you also have monthly subscriptions to receive the seasonal selections of flowers at home… They are so nice, they even came to the studio and we felt in love with them. We gave them our flowers consumers’ and Internet addicted opinions. Moreover, we thought it would be a good idea to do floral DIYs together sometimes! Then, I wondered “and if Bloom’s decorated my wedding?” Thus, we realized together dozens and dozens of bouquets, buttonholes, tables decorations, and so on… Two days before the wedding, the studio was transformed in a giant flowers shop and we learnt all together how to make twisted bouquets… It was a really good moment!




As I told you, we had for the wedding an incredible place, an architect house over 5 floors (we only used 3). It was under construction but it was okay, we had electricity and water… There were windows all around the building so we had an amazing view of Paris. We had to find some tricks to decorate this atypical place. The only thing I knew was that I wanted many flowers for the contrast. It was also difficult to find the good furniture because I really wanted to keep this contrast of modern/retro. We rented our chairs that were used for the lay ceremony and the dinner but also the rattan chairs, tables and candleholders found on the La bohème website. Some time ago, I saw two Emmanuelle chairs on the Un beau Jour website and I really had a crush on them. I really wanted them for our under the moon ceremony…




There is a very easy DIY to decorate a rattan chair with flowers. You need plastic tubes to prepare your chair in advance and keep your flowers fresh for the D-Day!




Yesterday, you asked me if my bridesmaids were dressed in a particular way. No, they were not. They just had a nice round bouquet, with a green hydrangea in the middle, and carnations, roses, thistles and gypsophila all around… At the beginning, I wanted them to be dressed the same way but it was very difficult to convince 5 different personalities. They were perfect anyway! However, at the district council, they surprised me because they all came wearing the Nina jumpsuit! These girls are amazing.




About the decoration, I am sure you are wondering what is on the chairs… These are little booklets in which the speeches of all the ceremony protagonists were written and translated in French and English. I have no idea how they did this but I guess it was a huge challenge to gather and translate everything! At the end of the ceremony, everyone took his/her chair and went to the lower floor for the dinner: “the dinner room”. I use quotation marks because we did not think about a seating plan. We placed the tables as if we were in a café, with a bouquet on each of them in vintage vases (I will talk about this later) so that everyone can seat wherever they wanted… I hope these little ideas will inspire you but I think the most important is to listen your wants. If you do your decoration with passion, everything will be nice, even if it looks a bit strange at the beginning… Believe me, the bride under the moon, sitting on flowered rattan chairs for her wedding which dress code was all about the shades of blue in an under construction house! 




Martin from Say Cheers took all the pictures.

Translated by Coralie Clair
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14 octobre, 2015