Hello my little kitties!

I am back here! I know I was having a “break” lately, not that I wanted to because being here you know is a real breath of fresh air, but mostly because I did not really have time! Life goes fast and as Charlotte said, we just moved in a nice 100 square meters office, full of light, love and inspiration!




Thus, between boxes, travels (I am actually writing this post from my hotel room in Canada) and wedding organization, my life looks like a marathon right now, but I am sure you are now use to read this kind of lines, and I have to admit that I really like that.

As I told you in the post about the bridesmaid kit, I would like to enjoy every little moment of this wedding preparation and what it can bring to me, because my life is currently quite active and I do not want to miss these little moments… When I met Laurence and Anouch from Epouse-moi Cocotte, I do not only wanted to imagine this famous bridesmaid kit but I also asked them to immortalize my bodyguards, my bridesmaids…




What I love about Laurence’s pictures is that they are not too girly, not pastel, not set, not like all the pictures we can see… OKAY there are glitter and confetti, because confetti are life but I think they well represent us. In the morning before the photoshoot, I asked the girls to be dressed with polka dots or stripes, not the most creative idea I have ever had… I was a bit nervous about this photoshoot because it was not a bachelorette party, the famous one… I let them organize it and I did not want to impose something if they did not plan to do so. For this reason, the dresscode was soft in order not to force anyone, finger crossed, I hope I will not finish dressed up making forfeits… This situation and the wedding PowerPoint are making me so nervous!




I really wanted to do something special and keep a nice memory of these magical months of preparation, with these girls I love. Let me introduce to you my bridesmaids! I hope you will like these “family” pictures. I personally adore them; Laurence took like 200 photos… I scroll them through my computer like holiday memories. I think these girls are like my muses, so different but all indispensable…




One of my friends talked to me about these little boats, which do not require a special license, that we can rent on the Ourq Canal in Paris: "Marin d'eau douce". I rented one 10 days ago and here we are, ready to board! We met many girls that had the same idea but also birthdays celebrations! I find the pictures near the water so photogenic, and it was like we escaped from Paris for few hours… Anyway, I think it is a great idea to make surprises, and it is not that expensive.




Thanks again Laurence from Epouse-moi cocotte for these amazing pictures! If you are interested in a girls photoshoot, you will find all the information on their website; they do not only shoot Bachelorette parties but also weddings, engagements parties, families, friends… I almost would like to print them all and create an album… Heart with my fingers… I will be back soon with my Canadian adventures! And one more picture with the confetti…




Translated by Coralie Clair

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04 août, 2015