MMLbollywood 286

Hello my darlings! I hope you’re well, as for me I feel as if I’ve never been farther from home, we’re as far from Paris as possible, at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. It’s beautiful, I think that I’ve never seen such pretty scenery in my entire life, but I’ll tell you about that later... Being so far away and looking back at the pictures, I realize that my Indian inspiration is distant too, a few things are inspired by the 70s, with a little bit of sportswear added in and lots of mixed color codes. It’s a sort of Indian series under the influence of LSD that stayed in a sporting goods store for too long... Yeah, that’s a good way to describe it. I had a lot of fun working on this series, trying on dozens and dozens of clothes, it looks like a textile tornado went through the office. Looking back, I think that what I liked the most about it was the mental light bulb it illuminated. Like a need to reconnect with my body and clothes, I wanted something bold too. I don’t know if it’s life that overwhelmsme sometimes, between the studio, Make My Lemonade and Wear Lemonade, but I feel like over these last months, I haven’t been making any real efforts for the Happy Fridays. I wear some basics from my closet over and over again like a broken record. My favorite roomy sweatshirt dresses hide my size, waist, my hips, my thighs... and along with the happiness from doing this shoot with the lovely Pauline Darley, I’ve had an amazing time concocting these crazy looks, making me want to take back over my closet. I don’t think I have a signature look, except maybe a hair bun (from time to time) and polka­dots (in an OCD kind of way)... But I love so many different eras and cultures that I think it’s a shame to limit yourself to a uniform. When I look at pictures of me from 10 years ago when I had just arrived in Paris and today (besides my hair trials and tribulations) I don’t think that I’ve shut myself up in a particular style at any given moment, I think I’ve toned down several of my inspirations, of course there are outfits that I go back to but it’s funny to see that as time goes by, I’m still looking! All this goes to say that I feel like I’ve shut down these past months, I want to continue my search for new outfits, to have fun again wearing my clothes, to wear what I create more often, to make myself smile when I look in the mirror. I feel like while writing you these words here, it’s like a promise I’m making to myself, with you as my witness... I hope that you’ll like this series of looks, as I was saying, I was fortunate to shoot these photos with Pauline, my lovely Fred took care of my wild mane, and I worked with the talented Laurence Maestrello, that you might have bumped into at the last open house! A big thanks goes out to them and to Olitax for his precious help! Translated by Whitney Bolin
MMLbollywood 67
I’m wearing an Essentiel Antwerp shirt with a lemon yellow lace top from Tara Jarmon and a glittery H&M skirt, striped Made in Sarenza heels and a Karuna Balloo flower.
MMLbollywood 458
I’m wearing a beautiful shirt and embroidered skirt from Sister Jane, Karuna Balloo flowers, and Tara Jarmon socks, and these amazing derbys from Mellow Yellow, the paper honeycomb balls are from the very cool store Sous le Lampion!
MMLbollywood 234
Metal Hugo Matha basket and Karuna Balloo flowers.
MMLbollywood 203
I’m wearing an As I am shirt and a Kenzo sweatshirt, mint­green Chacok shorts, and embroidered slippers from Mellow Yellow!
I’m wearing a marvelous strass and pompom Shourouk necklace as a crown,a Roseanna top and shorts from Tara Jarmon!

MMLbollywood 319

I’m wearing a skirt from Carven, a lace Roseanna top, a Lacoste Live! top. A Karuna Ballo flower and Stan Smiths!Translated by Whitney Bolin
MMLbollywood 365
Tara Jarmon dress, embroidered Sister Jane teddy jacket, Chacok scarf and flowers from Karuna Balloo. And the beautiful paper skewer is from CC fait des siennes!
MMLbollywood 106
Mix of Chacok scarves, Manoush dress, Manoush earrings, clutch and lovely derby shoes from Mellow Yellow.
09 avril, 2016