A little glimpse of our lounge space at the office...

Hello my kittens,

I don’t know if you remember, but in January I spoke to you about my decision to give up on resolutions in favor of good intentions, month after month, much easier to keep, at least by writing them down in this blog, it’s like you are my witnesses to these good intentions. So I’m going to share our evaluation on this past month with you…And tell you what we are setting as our goals for the upcoming month… 

Intentions for January, 2 out of 5 accomplished but they were the two most important ones to us:

  • - Find an office > Check! Oh Yeah! And I cannot even begin to tell you how much better life is when you have your own studio. 
  • - Establish a publishing schedule > We are working on it, but the events of January put us back at square one… 
  • - Launch our sewing patterns > Check! Thanks once again for such reception, it really makes us want to do our best!
  • - Work on my next book (!!!) > I’ve got the outline done, but I’ve got to kick it into full gear 
  • - Finish work by 6 pm at least once a week > Totally failed, but we’ll try again next month. 



DIY Article diamond-shaped tissue boxes, perfect for staying in style while fighting off that lingering flu...


So, our 5 intentions for February are:

  • - Establish a publishing schedule
  • - Prepare the article "living my life as an entrepreneur"
  • - Keep up momentum with the patterns, the application of the month, horoscopes and a bit of “making of” as well...
  • - Finish my next book...
  • - Post more DIYs.

Don’t hesitate to share your reactions and tell us what you’d like to see more of on this blog!  




Horoscope for the month of January... After doing the paper kittens, we tried our hands at embroidering; we’ve reserved a surprise for you next month…

And I would just like talk about the “Valentine’s Day Gate” that happened last Friday, because I just have to say something… I’m one of those people who believe that you can laugh about everything, but not with everybody. But to read in the comments that I messed up somehow, when we just spontaneously came up with these lists at the office, and at no time were we thinking: sexism! Let’s just put things back into context, shall we: “Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on another person’s sex or gender. The criticism of sexism condemns the idea which implies that distinctive roles, rights and duties are assigned within society according to the different characteristics of the two genders, masculine and feminine” (Wikipedia, translation from French page).You all know how to read and are also quite capable of debating, we’ve got the proof in writing. But in this case, it’s not about just women. So, my bad…I shouldn’t have written “girlie-girl” but “pseudo-perfect girl” vs. “pseudo-haphazard girl” instead of “tomboy,” obviously these are not strict categories, one of the readers aptly spoke about a fine line, of course we are all a bit of both. But tell me that you’ve never rolled your eyes when you saw or heard your friends do something that’s really “too much” and it made you smile? That’s all we were talking about…





I think I can speak for all of us here in this office when I say that we are proud to be women and we fly our girl power flag high…In short, I will not apologize – we had a great time coming up with these lists... Of course I know that you can’t please everyone, but let’s not forget to be light-hearted, and some self-deprecating humor please, it’s not only a burden to be a woman! We don’t live in a world of Care Bears. Stereotypes will unfortunately always exist, and clichés are nothing more than the boxes in which we put our differences. We are all smart enough around here to know how to just have some good fun with it, and of course it is kind of the point of humor to play on clichés...  




The launch of Wear Lemonade! Big Surprise, and we absolutely must print more out for next month! 

Sometimes I get the feeling that I should stick to posting outfits or talking about the trials and tribulations of my cat. I feel like I can’t say anything without awakening the Internet Kraken. What if I had the misfortune of just wanting to speak my mind about:

- Money, in France it’s such a bad thing to want to make a good living. 

- Love, because that would mean I’m perpetuating the image of the woman who is completely dependent on the man she shares her life with. 

- Physical appearance or body-type, politics or religion (I’ve never touched that last subject, but I won’t be taking that risk anytime soon) or eating strawberries in winter... 

This is just a short rant, but please people, let’s keep it light… I am not a role model, nor have I ever claimed to be.




Another look at our office-sweet-office, and we hope to welcome you here very soon for our upcoming workshops! 

Translated by Ida Driscoll. 


15 février, 2015