Hello my little kitties!

Today I am back with a new post that makes me very happy… These last days, with the launch of Wear Lemonade and all the DIY workshops, I did not really have time to have a break and test new stuff. It is not that it really missed me but I did not have time to think about it. It is like being reunited again with an old friend that I did not see for a long time… and I finally realize that I really missed him. This is what happened with the collaboration with &Other Stories. I met myself. On a Saturday, alone at the office. I unpacked a giant box full of &Other Stories beauty products (that I love) and I settled my workplace, the office was upside down and I tried new things, with pigments, nail polishes, smoke, ink and water. I acted like a chemist, standing on the desks, with my painted forearms and my messy hair… Pure happiness. I took a creative appointment with myself. So good.




For this reason, the day I received an email from this brand that is clearly swallowing up my money, I was so excited! Yes, really excited, dance of joy and Larusso who is always with me in those moments… And then, I said “okay buddie, now you need to find a nice idea”…




That was quite simple, I wanted to work on the images to highlight the beauty products. Because &Other Stories for me, it is above all, the real control of the colors, crazy ranges. When I am in the beauty section of their store, I feel like I am in a candy shop. And then, the atmosphere you have in their boutiques makes me think about a laboratory that creates happiness for the spirit. Finally, I think that it is the real shopping, because personally, when I go shopping directly in stores (and believe me, it becomes rare because of the e-shopping), I expect a lot of the customer experience.




I filled transparent caps with colorful pigments and glitter, like capsules of fun, played with droppers and pipettes, and then smoke for the “fun scientist” part. To sum up, as you probably guessed, I had so much fun doing those photos and I would like to thanks &Other Stories for their trust.

And as I also want you to have as fun as I had with color, I offer you the opportunity to win a box with 10 crazy colorful products! To participate, it is very simple; you only have to go on Instagram (if you do not have Instagram, you can borrow your little sisters’, nieces’ or children’ phone to multiply your chances)! You just have to post the photo of the article you want or regram the picture of my post directly on Instagram and add the #makeyourstories.
I will draw the winner at random next Monday at noon. I send you big kisses and see you all tomorrow!



Translated by Coralie Clair 

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10 juin, 2015