Hello everyone! We need help! We’re growing slowly but surely and we therefore need help! So if you’re a student, you freelance, you’re unemployed, or unhappy at your current job, these three job descriptions are for you! We need someone really energetic and motivated that is ready to take on the world! For each of these posts, please send us your CV and cover letter. If you apply for the graphic design position or for the stylist internship, please send us your portfolio, website, or pictures of your projects! Can’t wait to see your responses, and to meet you! Hugs and kisses! Edit: Thank you for all your applications! We’ve ended our search for the moment, but the Make My Lemonade adventure doesn’t stop here. We’ll keep growing, so stay tuned for future job offers. Lisa


We’re looking for an amazing graphic designer to work with us for 5 months starting now until mid-June! It’s a multitasking job that’ll get you involved in lots of different creative domains!
Layout: Indesign and Illustrator are your best friends and you’re a perfectionist. A neat and tidy layout is one of signature styles:
  • PDF and sewing pattern layouts for the Wear Lemonade brand patterns
  • Lemonade Daily layouts for each collection launch
  • Sewing gazette (coming soon) to create for PDF subscribers
Graphic design and “3D”: Either with a drawing tablet or your ten fingers, you’re quick and meticulous. Every day is different at the Lemonade Studio and will bring different creative projects!
  • Create paper décors for photo shoots
  • Create patterns for the collection and graphic elements for Make My Lemonade and Wear Lemonade
  • Lettering and research for stationary and other means of communication!
Skills needed:
  • Precision and creativity
  • Motivation and autonomy
  • Resourcefulness and responsiveness
  • Curiosity and willingness to propose new things
make-my-lemonade-recrutement-1 FASHION DESIGN/ MODELING AND PRODUCTION INTERN: We’re looking for an intern to help with the creative and production aspects of the Wear Lemonade brand starting right away for a minimum of three months. This position requires motivation and a strong desire to learn how a ready-to-wear brand works and help it function: Fashion Design, you’ll help create a new collection and set it’s creative universe in place:
  •  Prepare technical elements: drawing creations and technical sheets for suppliers, research different materials, collection planning.
Modeling, you’ll help finish up the models that will be sold on Wear Lemonade, as a finished product or as a pattern:
  • Follow prototype fittings: understand and follow model development with measuring process
  • Pattern making: reproduce manually brand patterns for suppliers. Illustrator layout of patterns for sale.
  • After-sales service management concerning patterns: reply, help others, and reassure readers of the brand’s patterns.
Skills needed:
  •  Resourcefulness and responsiveness
  •  Knowledge of graphic design software mandatory: Illustrator, InDesign
  •  Good knowledge of modeling
  •  Capable of giving instructions and being concise
  •  English: written and spoken
make-my-lemonade-recrutement-2 CUSTOMER SERVICE AND E-SHOP OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT, PART TIME We’re looking for the future customer service and e-shop operations manager! This job is very important on three key points to the brand’s operations: Customer service and after-sales service, you’ll be clients’ contact person for the Lemonade Studio! You’ll be in contact with them by email on a daily basis and by phone, always working closely with the brand, with the following goals:
  • Ensure kind, efficient customer service: listen to clients, find solutions, and help them through the different steps of purchases.
  • Inform clients of the products and talk about the brand: respond to questions, highlighting product expertise and the Wear Lemonade concept
  • Connect clients and the rest of the team: relay suggestions, glitches, recurring requests and other information that will help us improve!
Logistics and stock management, you’ll be the point person between the logistics specialist, production and managing the e-shop, and will have the job of keeping the website running every day!
  • Manage orders: make sure shipping goes smoothly and ensure that click & collect orders are available.
  • Follow inventory: organize transfers between the Lemonade Studio and the logistics specialist, check and update stocks
  • Ensure clients’ returns: create credit notes in back office, send back pieces and restock
PDF subscription management, y our role will be to manage dematerialised patterns’ subscriptions, and set in place adequate procedures to facilitate the new service:
  • Master the scheduling and shipping of gifts: develop the follow up file for subscriptions and organise shipping at the end of subscriptions.
  • Ensure customer service for subscriptions: cancellations, renewals, changes to methods of payment, etc.
  • Help perfect the tool: you propose improvements
Skills needed:
  • Patience, sense of humor, sympathy
  • Desire to be in contact with clients
  •  Good knowledge of products and interested in the domain
  •  Resourcefulness and responsiveness
Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
04 janvier, 2017