Hello my chestnuts,

Do you remember the Etsy contest to find «my perfect present» ? Well I received it ! And I love it, it is this crown that the most of you voted for... Great huh ? I personally love it and at first I thought it would be a bit too much for my everyday life if you see what I mean... But no, I’ve decided that 2013 would be the year where I dare and I really do what I want, and to tell you everything I even went to a job interview with my crown as if it was nothing... And I believe this is how it’s the most acceptable, as if it was completely normal to wear a crown of black plastic flowers, as if I was wearing a hat... Let’s stay cool. And I can assure you that people will remember you «You knooow, the crazy girl with her crown of flowers in the subway...». Anyway THANKS Etsy, thank you for knowing me and the winner from the lucky draw among the ones who voted for this crown is Hélène François !

02 février, 2013