I am soo glad about how extraordinarily you’ve welcomed Charlotte here, I’m sure her section will grow fast! But let’s talk about our daily topic and as you can see the blog is slowly but surely back on track and the arrival of our new office in our life is a revolution!

I don’t know if you remember it but back in January I was talking about Facebook contests I’d like to launch and life caught up and I was literally overwhelmed, I realize it now but how great it was! So as I was saying in my previous article, I’m often asked by brands to organize all sorts of contests but I think that all these contests around the internet are quite complicated and not always of a very good quality and very consistent but it’s only my opinion anyway. Besides contests already exist on Make My Lemonade, I generally do them via the comments below or via Instagram and I offer you some of the hardest finished DIY! And I started them to thank you for your fidelity (every 1000 new followers on the MML Facebook page…)

So it’s simply natural that I wanted to create a new bonus goodie on my facebook page to cover you with gifts! So yes, stay in touch, I’m thinking about creating a new banner or telling you in the newsletter about the new contest to come because today is exceptional, it is the first one but afterwards we’ll be back to our regular activities...




And today we get off to a good start, I’m happy to collaborate with Sony to have you win 3 Sony Xperia Z1 Compact! Real killers I talked to you about during last Fashion week. Rendez-vous here, I’m counting on you be creative! 

Moreover Sony offered me to be one of the 5 « Never Shot » people along with Keziah Jones, Pauline Lefèvre, Christophe Willem and Taïg Khris… « Never Shot » in other words is to immortalize a moment that I loved living and I wasn’t able to capture. So how can I say that ? Because I, Lisa Gachet, am nobody… And when the Sony team asked me which moment I’d like to live and relive, well there was hundreds but nothing very photogenic really… I’m not really anyone’s groupie, I went on beautiful trips but it’s quite complicated to go back just for a shooting… So I quite wanted to immortalize the fact that I’m working like a mad Shiva because if there’s something I like more than anything is to get up in the morning to go to work… I think the Never Shot team looked at me like I was an alien… And if I really think about it, the moment I love more than anything isn’t really a moment, it’s my life in Paris, my own kind of Erasmus… Paris and everything this city taught me. So no, I didn’t pilot a plane, I didn’t go to the Olympia, nor won a Boxing game and certainly didn’t jump out of the Eiffel tower with rollerblades… My moment simply is my little life in Paris… 

That wasn’t an easy task… But you, what is the moment you’d like to live and relive ?





Photo taken with the famous Xperia Z1 compact and that’s it! Je vous embrasse fort and I’ll be back soon with lots of recipes, DIYs and looks, I missed you!!!

23 avril, 2014