Good evening my beauties !

 Here is a little wish list, it’s been a long time since I hadn’t travelled the internet looking for some shopping inspirations. What a pleasure ! A bit like a treasure hunt... Even thought I clearly didn’t need to add anything else to the list of the things I want... I am - clearly - a girl. And you’re a my good excuse to go from e-shop to e-shop looking for THE impossible diamond shape item. And of course, while looking I always find things that have nothing to do with my first idea...things that end up in my cart... FAIL. By the way, let me introduce you to my new wish list design, very inspired from a certain book which will be available in bookshops within 2 months (just saying)... I hope you like it ! I thought this was the perfect timing to unveil the reign of diamond shape in my life.

 Sweet kisses and see you tomorrow for a deco DIY.

 Love U


wish list 

1. A sweater that you have to steal from your boyfriend, kind of a gift for you both, Paul Smith 135€. 2. A thousand colors vase Ferm Living 42€. 3. Earrings firstly seen on Mai (I’m so jealous it’s killing me) by the talented creator from Argument 175€. 4. Vintage dress found on Etsy 52€. A wrought iron basket to put away your balls of wool Ferm Living. 6. A wastepaper basket available on the beautiful Varpunen website 30€.

27 février, 2013