Hello my little kitties!

In another life, or as far as I remember, I have always been interested in business… When I was 8, I made rings with pearls but not simple ones. I created big rings with big pearls and other small gems in different colors. And then, right after, I sold them for 50 Francs to my mother’s friends and I launched new collections (just new colors). My father taught me how to maximize my time; that is to say, how to do two different things at the same time. DIY and my homework or pearls and cartoons. At that time, my pearls supplier was the drugstore. Thus, I developed a new skill: business! The drugstore was too expensive and if I bought my raw materials there with the money I earned, I could not buy all I needed to make the rings I already sold… I am 8, you remember, and I look for new suppliers in the streets of Bordeaux with my mom. I remember this store, which sold pearls in the Sainte Catherine Street near la Victoire (I was already wondering how feasible was the business model of this shop but I had not the right words obviously…). This place was the Grail! I was finally able to make profit to buy… more jewelry. Here we are, at 8 I also developed new aspects of my personality, paradox and contradiction.




Anyway, I have always enjoyed the fact that people could wear my creations and it was a real satisfaction.  And when I was 18, I launched my little jewelry and toys brand that I called “Bidiou and Co”. Among many other cute things, I made glitter dinosaurs earrings, I had so much fun at that time and the other day, when I saw these little plastic dinosaurs, I told myself that I had to show you!




For this DIY, you need:

  • - Plastic dinosaurs,
  • - White glue,
  • - Vanish (optional if you use glue like DecoPatch),
  • - Nails, links and earrings structures,
  • - Flat and round pliers and a brush,
  • - A bodkin, or a big needle for leather.




Take the bodkin or the needle for leather and pierce the dinosaur’s head (I promise, he will not feel anything) and thread the nail in the hole.




Then cut the nail to have a 1cm length, and create a circle with the round plier. 




Now thread the link into the nail and repeat these steps with the other dinosaur. 




Take the brush and the white glue or vanish, and paint the dinosaur. In a small recipient, cover the dinosaur with glitter and do not forget the corners.




 Once it is dry, add another vanish or glue coat in order to stick the glitter on the dinosaur. Tie the earrings structure to the dinosaur thanks to the flat plier.




And there we are! In addition, you can download the packaging here and print it in A5 format if you want to offer the earrings to someone you love because a sparkling dinosaur is like a talisman in the lemon religion… I send you big kisses!  By the way, for the Parisians, if you want to create your own earrings with me, I will be at the inauguration of the “mercredis du savoir faire” at the BHV Marais, from Wednesday the 10th and it is open to everyone, all day long, I will be at the Paulette stand!



Translated by Coralie Clair

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02 juin, 2015