Happy Wednesday! Let’s start off this week by getting our fingers busy making these DIY macramé shelves! You might have noticed during the Lemonade Shop that we’ve fallen in love with macramé, thanks to Phildar, who sells this pretty chalk colored cord. We’ve watched so many DIY videos to get the technique down pat! Macramé is really easy, you’ll see. The possibilities are endless once you learn some basic knots! We had some macramé workshops in October but we wanted to go a little bit farther today by making this macramé shelf! I promise that with some patience, you can make an amazing project!
For this DIY you’ll need:
  • 2 x 10m of ecru colored cord (from Phildar)
  • Binder clips, that’ll make things easier
  • A pair of scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Two wood boards, 60 x 20 cm,
  • A drill
  • Paint
First, drill holes on the four corners and paint them whatever color you like! Then cut 8 long strands 10m long. Separate them into groups of four strands and fold them in half (get some help from a friend if you get a little tangled up). Place the binder clip at the fold and attach the loop to the wall or to a radiator knob!
Start with a large joint knot (please see the chart below). Now separate your 8 strands into groups of 4. We’re now going to start with “flat” knots (see chart below), a loop to the left, a loop to the right! Then if you want to change the kind of knot, you can leave some space. Use the binder clip to help keep the strands in place and get going! Now for the easy-peasy “twisted” knots! Do the same with the second group. We’re now going to attach the first shelf. Using scotch tape, bind the ends of your strands together to make it easier to put them through the holes in the board! Then slide the board on the macramé, use binder clips underneath to hold it in place. Make a joint knot under each hole in the board to block it in place. Take off the clips and slide your joint knots under the board! And voilà, it now is tied in place!
Keep making knots, whatever kind you want, and slide the second shelf on the same way! To finish it off, you can make knots for about 10 cm, then tie them together using a joint knot and cut off the extra thread! And ta-da!
Sans titre - 4
It’s easy to make a “joint” knot. Using a small piece of cord, make a loop that you’ll put around the strands. Pass the right end of the loop behind the strands and bring it back on top. Do this as many times as you want. To finish it off, put the end through the first loop, take the second end of the loop, and pull!
To make the flat knot: separate the left and right strands. Pass the right strand up around the two central strands and then behind and under, through the loop and tighten. Do this again, using the left strand. There you have it, a flat knot. Just alternate left and right!
The “twisted” knot is the easiest one: Pass the right (or left, whichever you want) strand up and over the three others, then behind, through the loop and tighten. Keep doing this with the same strand and same knot. It’ll go around and around on it’s own, like magic!
macram-diy-blog-1 I hope you have a wonderful week, see you soon with other new projects! Thank you, Phildar, for helping us with our macramé adventures! Musique : Santoré - "THAT BALL"    Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
07 février, 2017