But what DIY could be hiding behind this mysterious title..? Well, an easy and super effective, graphic DIY, with plastic diamonds that I spray-painted to give them a more chic less cheap finish that so often goes hand in hand with the classical sew-on sparkling diamonds. Anyway, I love the idea of making diamonds which are usually supposed to be super shiny, super opaque, cool huh? In fact I love the idea so much that I’ve become obsessed with pink ones, black ones and white ones…but I need to calm down…And so, I hear you asking, “but where oh where did you get such enormous diamonds from?” I took apart a necklace that I picked up at a car boot sale but if any of you ever find somewhere that sells such huge sew-on diamonds like these, tell me tell me tell me! Though I’m not so sure that everyone’s such a fan of oversized things like I am, so for you lot the dimaonds will be a lot easier to find! Whatever you use whether it’s small or huge stones, sew-on or clamp-on, spray painted or varnished, the DIY will still look super cool… And so over to you with your paintbrushes, spray cans or use nailpolish?



To make this silently shining DIY you’ll need:

  • -A grey sweatshirt (this one is from monshowroom), with a bit of lurex in it…
  • -A pencil and a paintbrush
  • -Sew-on diamonds (preferably different shapes and sizes)
  • -Colored spray paints (at least 3 different colors)
  • -Fabric paint
  • -Some thread and a needle

To start, arrange the diamonds on the sweatshirt to create your own pattern. So you remember where you put them all it’s best to take a little photo! Then, using a lead pencil, trace around the diamonds lightly (the clearest ones), slightly shifted from the place you want to sew them (to really create a graphic contrast) fig.2. Then with the help of a thin brush and some fabric paint, carefully paint the area you just drew on the sweatshirt to create a silhouette effect, fig.3 Let the fabric paint dry. While you’re waiting, spray paint the diamonds in the colors you’ve chosen, fig. 4&5. Once the paint on the sweatshirt and on the diamonds has dried, take a needle and thread (the same color as the sweatshirt would work best), and start to sew on the diamonds, checking the photo you took at the beginning to make sure you’re putting them where you want, fig.6&7. Pop on the jumper and TA-DA, you’re ready to go!



 My big obsession at the moment is diamonds and sequins…you’ll be seeing a lot of them soon! Next week will be themed around them, just wait… I’m not going to say anything else for now but one thing is sure, I’ve had loads of fun preparing it all for you! Mucho love! Until tomorrow…


15 novembre, 2012