Happy friday my little chestnuts,

Okay, this is an easy DIY that I made for a Fred vidéo, and several people asked my to make a step by step because they didn’t understand the video... Ha ha I understand now, he skipped some steps the rascal... So since I’m nice and I love doing these paper flowers I made one. You’ll have another DIY next week, I’m going cresendo... But it is also a way of un-rusting your neurons before the big DIY... A kind of warm-up for your fingers... Yes, yes, it is possible. You’ll see that with these roses you’ll become the children’s idol... But not only.


Here is the link  of the video where I learnt to make this sublime rose, when I start I can barely stop myself but I’m working on it... And because I love it, I made you a little step-by-step gif... Send me your pictures !


11 octobre, 2013