Hello my little kitties,

I know had promised you a Happy Friday but unfortunately I am confined to my bed, just goes to show how Springtime doesn’t only bring good things… So today, a simple and efficient DIY: the idea came to me a few months ago when I saw a woman wearing a hat at the Chanel runway show, and at that moment, my heart went BOOM! These little coins, in addition to adding real personality to the hat, jingled when she walked, I was hypnotized like a child hearing the sweet sound of the ice cream truck! Without a second thought, I added it to my list of DIYs to publish. Today I am sharing my technique with you, it’s very simple, a bit time-consuming but I’m sure that won’t stop you!




Cost: 10€ not counting the hat
Time needed: 2 hours or 2 good episodes of Game Of Thrones
Difficulty level: Easy and efficient!  



For this DIY, you will need:

  • A hat, here’s an Asos,
  • An awl (for making holes) or a thick needle,
  • Silver rods (like long, thin nails)
  • Small silver rings,
  • Coins with holes (you can find some at Jacky perles, 38 rue Pastourelle 75003)
  • Cutting pliers,
  • Flat-nose pliers.

To get started, take your awl and make your first hole. 




 Thread a rod into the hole and then, using your cutting pliers, cut it 1cm from the edge.




Wrap the rod around itself, using your flat-nose pliers, to form a ring. Now take a silver ring, open it and place the coin onto it.




Attach the ring with the coin to the ring on the hat, clasp them together well! Continue in this fashion, we used the seams of the hat as guidelines, one coin for every 3 stitches, up to you depending on the hat you use.

Go for it, good luck, you know that the result will be great and that you’ll find something great to watch while you do this, until the moment of the much-awaited: Ta-Da !!




And now, without any further ado, here are the results you’ve all been waiting for!! A thousand thanks for your participation, it’s always a pleasure to read your anecdotes and enthusiastic remarks, and I’d like to congratulate the winners, you can send us an email at

The winner of the Introductory Embroidering course at School of Lesage is Anna MGT and her embroidered foulard!

The winner of the Jimmy Fairly x Make My Lemonade contest is Djelissa La Binocle! 

Translated by Ida Driscoll

17 avril, 2015