Well, my darlings, The situation is critical. Miu Miu’s shoes make me go crazy, seriously crazy because I start wondering: how can I get my hands on these shoes at 500 bucks a pop? With that amount of money, I could buy something much more useful in day to day life, such as a dishwasher! All the same, I’ve been calculating to see how I might be able to have my own precious pair... So, as I’m sure you’re probably all as unfaithful as I am as far as shoes go and that you don’t have the same budget as the Kardashian clan, I came up with a quick little DIY to make it look like you spent a fortune for these Like­a­Virgin­era­Madonna shoes!
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-ballerine-1 You’ll need:
  • A pair of powder pink leather ballet flats that you can re­sole
  • Black imitation leather ribbon, 2 cm wide
  • Black and white gingham ribbon, 3 cm wide
  • 4 belt buckles, 2 cm
  • A box of 50 Prym eyelets, 4 mm
  • Leather punch
  • Hammer
  • Leather needle and black cord
  • A punch or a pen and a ruler
Cut out 4 imitation leather ribbons measuring 30 cm long. Using a punch or mechanical pencil, make a small mark every 1,5 cm. This is where the eyelets will go later. Next, using the leather punch, choose a small diameter (approx. 4 mm), and make holes every 1,5 cm on the marks you just made.
Put the eyelets in the holes using the pliers supplied in the Prym box. Start flattening the eyelets with a hammer. Take your time, doing this to all 4 ribbons.
Take the imitation leather ribbon, measure 11cm, fold the ribbon in two and make a notch in the middle using a punch or mechanical pencil. Then, pierce these 4 ribbons using the leather punch.
Insert the buckles into the imitation leather ribbons. Then, fold them in two!
To hold the buckles in place, make a small hand stitch using the leather needle and the black cord. Now’s the hard part, because you have to poke through the ballet flat leather and it’s pretty thick. Attach the buckle ribbons on the flats. Go ahead and try the flats on and fasten the eyelet ribbon on top, temporarily holding them in place with pins.
Next, permanently attach the eyelet ribbon. Now it’s time to sew the gingham ribbons on the back of the flats. I suggest attaching them at a slight angle in the shoe so that the ribbon sits comfortably behind your ankle bone. TA­DA!
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-ballerine-ok-4 After that, you can go to your cobbler to get your flats re­soled if they are real dance shoes, otherwise you’re all set! I think you can even take this DIY to the next level by making a little leather ring, small width­wise, on the buckle loops to hold the eyelets! Hugs and kisses.
04 juin, 2016