My little chestnuts, 
I hope you’re doing great and you took care of yourselves during the weekend, did you enjoy the sun? How great was it… I’m here to continue this theme week about Carmen Miranda. I wish I could have taught you how to make a headband with real fruits but in real life, riding the bus with a cornucopia on your head isn’t easy… Unless you’re willing to look like a crazy person. One day I’ll tell you about my most daring choice of clothes that allies very refined look with uncontrolled misdemeanor, like some sort of look-related Kamoulox. Well, it’d need a full article. So for this Carmen Miranda DIY, it wasn’t easy. I wanted something simple because after last week’s petites culottes I didn’t want to loose any of my beginner’s audience… So today I’m giving you my fruited earrings. Easy Peasy have fun !
About this DIY: 
Length: about 30 minutes
Cost: 20 € with all the material (pliers not included)
Difficulty: finger in the nose




To make this DIY, you will need:
  • earring circles
  • crewel
  • small resin fruits
  • cutting pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • a pair of scissors
  • small rings
  • metal rods
  • rocaille beads.
I found the small fruits in a shop in Paris called JACKY PERLES, rue du Temple (you can’t make-up a name like this one) but I looked for some on the internet and you can find similar ones ici or 




First of all, let’s learn how to make little pompom with some thread, that I’m sure will end up on all of your creations. Take 70 cm of crewel. 




Fold it in half, then again in half, repeat the operation until it makes less than 5 cm. Then take a small ring and put the thread into it. 




Place the ring at the center of you small bundle of thread, cut about 10 cm of crewel. 




Fold your small bundle of thread in half around the ring and use the extra 10 cm of thread to fix the lot: make a few circles and a few knots. 




Grab your scissors and but the loops to make your pompom, then refresh its cut for it to be perfect. 




Repeat the steps as many time as you want pompoms (you’ll see that it gets enjoyable quite fast). And now let’s get to the fruits! 




Take a fruit bead, a rocaille bead and a rod, thread the rocaille bead into the rod, then thread the fruit bead, take you round-nose pliers for the following steps. 




Wind the rod on itself to make a small ring and repeat the steps for the other fruits. 




Then thread your fruits and pompoms into your earring circles as you wish. We made two different earrings to be even more tutti frutti ! 




and TA-DA !


09 juin, 2014