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As you might guess, last week was a little overwhelming but I’m back with special pictures.

I was caught with an amazing job and hundreds of applications I’ve received (I try to answer to everybody so it is very time-consuming). But it is for a good cause, so I can have more time afterwards, and I also went to London for a couple of days and it blew my mind as usual. But this time I came back more motivated than ever, decided to give myself the means of realizing everything that is going on inside my head (and God knows it’s a lot!) and to make this website a « war machine ».




Since this weekend I prepare, I plan, I note everything, I make flash cards as if I was 17 and revising for my exams. As a matter of fact it did work at the time so I’m thinking that setting goals and planning things shouldn’t be prejudicial. This is how on Saturday, freshly back home, I planned my posts, my editorial line and other life mission until january 2014. Everything is fine, I’m not crazy. Well, I’m still giving myself a little leeway in case some crazy creative flash comes in.




But there are so many DIY I want to make that I have no fear for blank page, or I should say blank post. I am here! I’m motivated, and regarding the « Make love not war » DIY, templates are online and the name of the winner is at the end of the post!

And I talk, I talk and I don’t even tell you about the most important thing! These pictures, these « tangram food », I made them last September while taking pictures for Sézane, and during that day I had rented photo equipment and I thought it was too bad not to use it a little bit more. So I organized myself another little shoot where I tried light, a more professional shot and I had the best time. So these are not salad recipes (even though that would be a great idea of presentation…), there are simply inspiration pictures that will please you I hope on this monday morning…

As for me on this blue monday I want an office, the « Lemonade Studio », a place where I could always have some photo equipment out, to make nice and clean shots as soon as the need takes me, a place where I could organize workshops… Ah my dream, but not so unrealistic after all! So today, if you’re a real estate agent, a property manager or a janitor, and if you’re willing to help me, contact me!

Sweet kisses, Lisa Banana, and rendez-vous tomorrow for my city guide HELSINKI HONEY.



04 novembre, 2013