Thank you my little cupcakes ! 

I think that all I wanted for me to happen since January is actually happening… I mean, have a awesome assistant, a new flat, an office (YEAAAHH!)… I’m grateful. Exhausted but extremely happy, there are tons of topics that I’d like to share with you and it seems that conditions are great and favorable to the creation of lots of new posts! I want to develop the DIY section with DIY made of paper and we start today.




But first of all I’d like to thank you for your love and patience. I was lucky to meet some of you last wednesday. It was a little bit crazy, I thought I was Johnny Halliday or someone like him (all proportions kept…). Though I wasn’t very at ease with this real character of myself - because yes when I started this blog I chose to hide behind my computer screen, and suddenly it was chocking to find myself deep into reality. Thank you for your looks, your words and all the kindness you displayed during the night. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate the 2-years-old anniversary of Make my lemonade than meeting you…




Okay back to our topic, I’d like to talk about Little Fashion Gallery with whom I work on a regular basis. A while ago they launched their « MIAM » collection (I’m dreaming about the « MIAM » sweater and hope it could exist in 16-years-old) and their awesome new website. For this yummy collection I imagined a whole set with french fries, burgers, giant cupcakes but also donut headbands and hotdogs: as you see everything is just fine with my head. I literally loved making the stylization of this series, the collections on the website are really fresh and I regret not to be 6 in 2014. But luckily lots of babies are arriving in my family and friends and I’m about to enjoy it! Pictures were taken by Gaetan Bernard and the modifications made by Charlotte Evrard, the stylization assistant is Léonie Escolivet and the set design assistant Charlotte Sagory. Make up and hair were done by Nelly Chatagnon from the great Make my beauty.




Today it is a double post: a little of EYE CANDY and a little of DIY because yes today you’re about to know how to make paper donuts from this Little Fashion Gallery series set design. You can offer a range of those donuts as for a photocall, invitations or fill them with confetti, once again have fun!





Cost: nothing since it's just paper

Time: less than 30 minutes for the first one, and even less for the following ones ! 

Difficulty: easy if you're not watching Game of Thrones at the same time




To make this DIY, you will need: 

  • 9 stripes of beige paper (template to download here)

  • 9 stripes of pink paper (or any color you want the icing to be, template here)

  • Confetti or glitter! 

  • A ruler

  • Some glue

  • A blunt scalpel




In the first phase use the ruler and the blunt scalpel to draw grooves and make the folding easier (use the notch as markers) 




Then fold every part and repeat the drawing operation with the icing part ! 




Glue the pink icing onto the bauge paper, edge on edge ! (You can choose to make your icing with paint if you want) 



Roll up every strip and glue it in order to obtain the 9 parts of your donut. 




You can already catch a glimpse of the future donut !  




Put some glue onto the parts' stripes. 




Be precise and patient to get a neat result: slot the parts together and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry. 




Once your donut is entirely made, you can go to the confetti step. 




Drop some glue onto your confetti and glue them one by one onto your donut, either randomly or not ! 

And TA-DA !!



20 avril, 2014