The collaboration with le Club Med Gym is almost finished and I only have two more ingredients to show you from my list of required fruits and veggies, and one of them is the broccoli! And I have to tell you that the broccoli does NOT make me dream because it and I are not buddies, and I find it ugly it looks like a little tree... But I made it a personal challenge to find a fun idea to make the broccoli friendly...

 So today here we go about the papaya, I wanted something exotic and sunny for my tastebuds because I don’t know about you but I’m writing from my couch with a fluffy blanket, my cat on one knee, my MacBook on the other knee and a smoking tea not too far, like a grandma 2.0...

 I promised I’d be a little bit more active in 2013 and it doesn’t look very good for a start... I’m like a machine with a thousand of projects all more exciting, time has never been so liquid than now! It is frantic and I will come back soon to tell you all about it, I like to tease you a little, you are my guidance. Stay warm and make good tropical smoothies... 



To make 3 of this champions smoothie you will need:

  • -  half a papaya
  • -  A small mango
  • -  2 persimmons
  • -  A banana
  • -  A can of light coconut milk
  • -  2 tablespoons of agave sirup



Start with cutting the persimmons, the mango and the papaya into dices. Put the fruits in a fry pan after keeping aside the two third of the papaya and cook for 10 minutes, medium heat, with the agave sirup (it also works well with honey). Then, put the rest of the papaya, the banana and the coconut milk (light right..) in a blender and mix ! For the presentation, I suggest you take big glasses or small bowls, then you put the caramelized fruits in first and you pour the smoothie on top of the fruits, and enjoy ! A special mention to the persimmon, I was worried but it was a delightful fruit ! And for the curious who want to make the icy effect on the glass, you need a quarter of lemon that you rub against the edges, and in a plate put loooots of coconut powder and turn over your lemoned glass (empty of course!) and put it on the plate... The coconut powder will stick to the glass using the lemon as glue... 



16 janvier, 2013