It is crazy ! 

My chestnuts, life is crazy and I am like a child lately, a stressed child but a child nonetheless.

I have to admit that even though I have some more especially important topics to deal with such as finding a new place to live and a new office within the next month, preparing a huge trip for next week, and more importantly working on a very very big project for in about 3 weeks… I have to say that the Paris Fashion week didn’t appear like a top priority. But to be completely honest (and please don’t see in me somebody snobby), I had never attended a fashion show in Paris, I had only been in New York… (Oh God, how does it sound…). So when the invitation cards started to arrive, I was surprised, glad and hysterical, I choose to write 4 posts for you, this is almost live-blogging since some of these events occurred yesterday. 

And to be completely honest with you, this fashion week is purely and simply about sharing, because I think that the work done before and during the shows and presentations deserve our attention as well, it is good for the inspiration and I’d like to make you feel this unique energy. 

And also, I’d like to mention another point I care about, this « fashion week » project is also a personal investment since I hired the sweet Tania Houlbert (to make the videos) without any sponsor behind it, unlike what we had with Gemey-Mabelline and the NY fashions weeks. Moreover I have in mind a post about partners and collaborations, I feel like there is a need of some clarification there… 



Let’s start with the Etam Show, huge package, crazy international artists, seeing Eve sings "Who's that girl" again was quite a shock. Backstage and rehearsal were completely stunning, a bit like discovering a new ethnic group made of over-6-foot-tall women with shiny hair and keen eye. Regarding the show I think that Etam blew its audience away once again! I was a little surprised by the atmosphere among the audience, very school-like, whereas there was some real deal on the scene! And I have to say that the stylisation (I’m not talking about the lingerie itself) but really about everything around, shoes, accessorizes, clothes etc… was really not up to the show. I admit being disappointed by that despite a few spectacular items.




Sonia By... I was seduced by this « mini show » presentation. Beyond the collection that I love and want absolutely every piece of (bear-coat alert! I’m already starting to save up), I loved the minimalist and colorful scenography. Bravo Bonsoir Paris (they definitively have the wind in their sails these two… A few weeks back I was talking about the windows at the Galeries Lafayette, remember?). What do you mean I’m not objective ? No really, I found it light and poetic while very refined, favoring the collection.




And the Tara Jarmon presentation, in a completely different register the Tara Jarmon team made us travel through an imaginary forest, quite fantastic, where models were playing cricket while cuddling small rabbits, some were reading literature laying in woodland scene’s moss while others where walking she-wolves around in all simplicity (ACTUAL SHE-WOLVES). The collection is very beautiful with fine materials and perfect cuts… Have you seen the navy sequins dress in the video? Accessorizes are crazy and unexpected, gigantic chapka/scarves and transparent was cloth mini skirts, I had a huge crush on a necklace with flowers made out of giant bakelite scales… 

See you tomorrow my chestnuts… And in the meantime RDV on my Pinterest to discover more pictures of this day.


27 février, 2014