My little cats, 

I’m back with my report of thursday: Carven and Thomsen… A re-discovery and a love crush… At first I was only supposed to go to the Carven show but thanks to my great friend Nelly Chatagnon from the blog Make my beauty, I was able to go backstage to watch her work and to jubilate on her work of ultra glossy eyebrows… I’m passionate about thick eyebrows, colored eyebrows and since Carven, « wet » eyebrows. I admit that the last two options aren’t the most obvious on an everyday basis but I might spend 24h with pink eyebrows just to make you an extreme report kind of thing, anyway…




The Carven show was completely insane, an incredible work with details, cuts, collars, XL belts, leopard touches, it still is love with Carven. I sense that next winter will be colorful and that’s a really good new, yellow, pink, 1950-blue, leopard. Special mention to the absolutely sublime furs embroidered with strass-made arrows. I saw arrows here and there on the internet, DIY to think about…




And comes the disappointment regarding shoes, some think it’s genius, I am more than skeptical, I’m really not into XL thigh boots. They’re not tight sock-like tight boots but more something like giant waders that were tighten on the top of the thigh while keeping the volume. So unless you’re 6 feet tall and you haven’t eaten anything since 2001, I’m not sure this is flattering and even if you are it’s not guaranteed. But the good new is that it didn't stroke me from where I was seated, those girls are so tall that I only saw the color and the pattern of their outfit. Hallelujah. I let you decide by watching the video, oh and look at this amazing way of caring your bag on your heart…




The day could have stopped there but Nelly tells me she handles the make-up of the Thomsen presentation, the brand of her friend Alix Thomsen, and if I want I can come sneak out in the backstage… (more pics on my Pinterest). 




To me Thomson was a beautiful brand for shirts and underwear, the presentations were always crazy. It is actually this brand that made a choir as presentation a few years back, with the title « I love my shirt » written by Séverin, awesome video (thanks Domino Lattès). So of course I was really tempted! I arrive at the Perrotin Galerie in a small room where 40 people are bumping into each other, make-up artists, hair dressers, models, and my lovely Mai that I find here completely by accident (so the discreet sneaking was off…). The girls are real girls, not models, which make them a hundredth time more beautiful. I hallucinate on the design I feel like Alix has met my clothes fantasies, everything is so colorful, not conventional and full of good taste. I want everything. The shirts are still there but so are knits and crazy coats and jackets (yellow coat and pink wool perfecto alert…)




Regarding make-up, Nelly and Alexandra are really good it is beautiful. I want to wear yellow on my eyes in a diffuse eyeliner with a beautiful orange lipstick… Dior baby blue on my nails… Those mixings were daring! Ffff I can’t get over this afternoon ! 

For the presentation the girls were paying little scenes among the Perrotin Galerie, you could really feel that they enjoyed playing « the girls in the Thomsen class ». Impertinent and funny, Mai told me that it was very Rykiel like, from the great time of Sonia Rykiel… Truly accurate don’t you think ?




02 mars, 2014