And here is the fourth and last post about the fashion week… I hope I didn’t lose the less fashionistas of you (God what an ugly word « fashionista »…). Terrible fashion lexical field aside, I need to tell you, the immoderation, the true hysteria, the people, maybe also the genius.




It all started when I got a phone call from Chanel (like every other day you know, nothing alarming here…), the adorable press attachée tells me about different projects and ends the call asking for my address to send me « my invite card for the 4th of March show that is currently getting calligraphi-ed», my phone speaker is so loud that Charlotte S, who is now working with me, turns white. As for me I’m holding my breath. Very normally, with a very detached tone, almost blasée I give her my address (this is what I think I’m acting but all the witnesses testify that nope, I was sounding crazy). I hang up, hysterical laughter, I could roll on the floor, I think I rolled on the floor, too happy, I want to call every member of my family as if I just passed an exam. I camp myself, I listen to Larusso, I dance the happy dance. It’s going to be okay.




Okay but wtf, let’s put the facts in context… Fashion week: okay, I deal with it, Grand Palais: okay, I deal with it but it really is big, Chanel: okay, I deal with it too, I worked for the jewelry so it’s good. But Fashion week + Grand Palais + Chanel + me (go figure) = LARUSSO. 

I can’t explain it, I think it is the fact that I, Lisa Gachet, little Swiss army knife and (in passing) girl with a website, can get access to such a huge show as Chanel. Thank you Make my lemonade, thank YOU because the number of unusual things I was able to do in two years thanks to this website is crazy. So okay, this is simply the Fashion week but it’s not, it’s colossal work, little hands working tirelessly until the last minute. And when I see the Chanel show, the work of set designers, it’s very clear that this is the job I want to do.




Regarding the show, it was so crazy, it’s clear that Karl is doing his grocery shopping at the Monop’. In the Chanel grocery store every packaging was branded with puns about Gabriel Chanel, mademoiselle Coco, tweed and all the lexical field of the brand… I wonder if they hired the Havas City agency, which did all the packaging at Monoprix or if it was all home-made, in any case it was amazing… Everything, from the Chanel dry sausage to the « biscocottes » (« biscotte » is crispbread) or if you went to the hardware section, the chainsaw chain had been replaced with the famous handbag chain… Awesome! Even the fruits and vegetables labels… People were going crazy. Chanel wins the social network battle, it took a crazy amont of time for the show to start because people needed to be directed towards their seat but visibly no one was too hurry to do so, they were too excited about taking pictures of everything to put them on instagram…




The show was really crazy, so offbeat, contrary to Moshino’s Jeremy Scott who went too far (into the anecdotal, to me anyway), Lagerfekd had fun in touches, bags into tweed-braided market baskets, quilted caddy, vacuum packed bags… We can feel the fun and humor and not so much the provocation… Everything was fake at Chanel, wrappings were empty and fresh products given to associations, I’d find borderline to have the models run into a real store on the other hand, given that some people cannot fill their fridge. 

And cherry on the milkshake, my seat was so well situated, just behind Keira Knightley, who was seated next to our national Gaspard Ulliel and if I’d felt like it I could have tickled Vanessa Paradis’ neck…



Hard to follow Chanel but still, JCDC was able to emerge unscathed… 



And it was my first JCDC show… To me their collections were always too « gadget », too « happening » with emblematic collaborations like disney, bambi or the muppet show but not always suitable in real life, and then I’ve been following what’s happening at JCDC for a few seasons. This collection is called « sport soir » I was expecting something « sport wear », like the audience I guess, but not at all. I’d say it was chic, refined and completely urban. And colors as always! I’m so glad! Impeccable lines, sublime knits with fur embroiders that outline monsieur Castelbajac’s drawings. I found it mastered, beautiful and fresh, like a wind of change while keeping the very essence of JCDC’s identity, the humor, the line and the mischief.




Regarding backstage, shu uemura was marvelous once again, it really is my favorite make up, even though Thomsen was quite crazy as well. It can feel frivolous but seeing so many colors on the looks and on the make-up, I find it refreshing and it feels good on the mood, I tell myself that next winter will go faster and that will definitively be more fun.




And I posted a picture on Instragram yesterday with my fashion week essentials, Sony was kind enough to make my test their last toy: the Xperia Z1 Compact, some of you asked me what I thought of it… Well I’ll let you judge by yourself of the quality of the pictures bellow, they were taken in a dark interior… I am definitely convinced, however I find the navigation and use of the device a little bit complex at first, but I’m not giving up on it. So what about you, what were your favorite shows ? You can discover all of my picture on Pinterest as usual.


05 mars, 2014