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As I promised, today we are going to talk about the DIY we realized last weekend for the Comptoir des Cotonniers workshop! As usual, we made a backstage video of the event that will be online at the end of the week but for now, I would like to show you this DIY that I love. I am a big fan of flowers and sneakers but I did not think it would be compatible, why not after all… I really enjoyed doing this metallic flowers DIY for disco shoes and in the meantime, I found this picture and I told myself it was the following step…

For the workshop, the girls could customize their sneakers in the same shades or even in the opposite color and I found the leather at Sacrés Coupons. We asked Fil 2000 to make leather covered buttons and here we are… It is very important not to take the cheapest materials if you want a nice result. Here is my total black DIY version!

I also know that it is always frustrating not to live in Paris for the workshops or that the tickets are sold very quickly… For this reason, with Comptoir des Cotonniers we offer you the possibility to win 2 pair of sneakers and the necessary equipment to realize this DIY! What do you think? To participate, you just have to let a comment below telling me your shoe size and why you absolutely need a pair of Slash! The results will be published in Sunday’s post!




Time: 1h
Cost: €20 (excluding the shoes, you can find the Slash here)
Degree of difficulty: Easy




For this DIY you need:

  • - Leather pieces
  • - The flower pattern: here
  • - Scissors
  • - A leather needle
  • - Some covered buttons (you can do it at Fil 2000 if you give them the fabric)
  • - Some thick thread
  • - A pen
  • - A thimble 

Start to print and cut the flowers pattern. Draw the flower on the other side of the leather with a pen.




Cut the flower. Repeat the step for the others. In order to have the same result, you need 7 flowers of each pattern.




Take off your shoelace. We are going to sew the flowers to the tongue of the shoes. The leather is not very thick but you can use a thimble if you want.




Stitch from the inside of the tongue and introduce the 4 flowers on top of each other from the bigger one to the smaller one.




Take a button, place it in the center of the flower and put few stitches in to fix it.




Make a knot and repeat the process for the second flower! It goes very fast you will see!




Here we are!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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23 septembre, 2015