Today, I wanted to test some new things! 

Last summer, I was contacted my Joanna who offers me to put some music on my DIYs, I found it a great idea. Especially when I saw how you loved Ludovic’s playlist last July, I thought that instead of putting a song or two in my DIYs, I offered Joanna to imagine a flowery playlist. I gave her titles I absolutely wanted to see in it and she add some things to it, I think she liked the challenge. 

Anyway, I’m happy to add her to the list of this blog’s contributors. To tell you her story, she is a bordelaise/parisian girls... Living in Los Angeles to find out if she could live out of her devouring passion about music and cinema, well entertainment in the US in general. To broadly explain you her job, Joanna looks up informations about movies and TV shows currently produced in the valley, gets informations about the different story lines and their universes and create a database of artists and songs that could work with the projects the best. And thus she tries to put artists she recently found on the TV shows’ soundtracks. If you ever want to contact her for any reason... You can find her via twitter! Thank you Joanna!




This picture is from Viviane Sassen, if you don’t know her work yet it’s time to go and visit her website... And if, like Joanna, you ever have a brilliant idea, something different to offer, because you think it’s extremely missing here, do not hesitate to write my an email. You can find this playlist on Spotify!

13 octobre, 2013