Hello my little kitties!

As you know, December is the DIY month so let’s show you another one! This little DIY has been imagined for our Lemonade Studio sale we organized last weekend. I was so proud of it that I wanted to share it with you guys: ultimate satisfaction! Moreover, we always need a folding screen at home to separate a room in two or to hide a messy one… You will see, it is very easy; you just need to manage the electric screwdriver and the shading off effect! Do not hesitate to ask the seller to cut the wooden boards at the dimensions you want… Have fun!




For this DIY you need: (you can find everything at Leroy Merlin for around €40)

  • - 5 wooden boards OSB 170x32cm (2cm thick),
  • - 12 hinges (3 holes of 2cm width),
  • - An electric screwdriver,
  • - Screws 3.5x16 (minimum),
  • - Felt pads,
  • - A ruler,
  • - A pen,
  • - A small paint roller,
  • - White paint,
  • - A white paint spray.

Take two wooden boards and put the side by side, widthwise.




With a ruler, mark the right place of the first hinge (from 10cm of the edge of the board). Use screws and the electric screwdriver to fix it! (You will see that you will have no regret about buying this electric screwdriver).




Do the same on the other end of both wooden boards (3 hinges in total, lengthwise). Repeat these steps with the next wooden board (each time you take a new board, do not forget to change the side of it when you put the hinges).




Continue until you get your 5 boards assembled together!




Stick the felt pads at the bottom of the boards in order not to damage the floor. You can also fix some wheels if you want. Here we are!




We decided to paint our folding screen in a white shading off because we wanted it to be matching with the floor but you can also use another color if you prefer. Start to paint half folding screen and to create the shading off effect, use a white paint spray for the transition. Place the spray from 30cm of the board with a 45° inclination. Do not forget to paint the edges of the boards! Here we are again!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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