My little cats, 

The amazing Joanna, who works for the music part of the blog since the flower weeks, did a fine job again to give you a very contrasted playlist this time, with a mix of very « Roaring Twenties » songs and more 2.0 party ones. We wanted to be in the Gatsby theme, by Fitzgerald, but also with a lemonade 2013 twist, I’m sorry there isn’t JAY-Z songs (even though I love mainly his wife…) but Baz Lurhmann had gone a little bit crazy on its soundtrack… Joanna wanted to illustrate the main topics of the story: money, power, decadence, frivolity and of course love… Enjoy with your ears, we wait for your reactions! kisses! 

Playlist available on Spotify ICI

See you tomorrow beautifuls…



14 décembre, 2013