And here is the last post of this special Grand Budapest Hotel week, I hope you enjoyed it… I finish with my biggest joy, the DIY… At first I wanted to make a short theme week with only a beautiful shoot with Charlotte E., a interview with the Nose team and that’s it. But when I saw the movie I thought it was impossible to resist the call of re-appropriation, it was too beautiful and I too wanted to come home with a pink box and its baby blue ribbon from Mendl’s bakery, I wanted one of my own, and these embroidered handkerchiefs… So one morning in the shower, this is where the inspiration shows up when I’m stuck, I told myself it was silly not to use this Grand Budapest Hotel imagery a little more! So I wanted to go over the illustration of the hotel and to twist it a little… With « the grand AMOUR hotel », and I sure the l’hôtel Amour won’t mind this little pun… To your needles!




Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Time: forever or two season of Games of Thrones but it worths it, doesn’t it ?

Cost: less than 10 € (sweater not included)




To make this DIY, you will need:

  • a sweater
  • an iron on transfer paper sheet for printer
  • embroidery thread
  • baize
  • glue
  • a needle
  • embroidery hoop
  • scissors




Start with downloading the Grand Amour Hotel vector illustration ICI and print it on transfer paper without modifying it with axial symmetry. Turn your sweater inside out.




Iron the transfer paper sheet on the underside of your sweater for a few minutes then gently peel off the sheet to admire your nice and hot transfer: you will use it as a guide to embroider the front side of your sweater.




Turn your sweater over and take your embroidery hoop to start your needle work.




Sew on the wrong side in order for the needle to come out on the right side, then you will sew back in the same hole.




Don’t pull your thread entirely, there must be a loop as in the above picture, then on the wrong side sew a few millimeters away by making the needle coming out inside the loop. Well done you just made a chain stitch!




Repeat the operation, sewing back in the same hole, and so on… Do it along EVERY black lines, you’ll see I didn’t embroidered everything that was on the illustration. Summon your patience, you can ask your grandmother if she’s fit or one of your unemployed buddy for help.




The chain stitch is one of the easiest, if by any chance I wasn’t clear enough you can go on this video.




You can also print the illustration another time on a regular paper sheet (if it’s recycled it’s even better!) in order to cut the pieces of baize (here lettering, hearts and windows).



When your embroidery is done or at least well started, you can lightly glue the baize to pre-fix the locations to embroider them, a bit like with the Milk Bag remember? I’m really into embroidery lately… 


Fix the baize pieces with a small hand stitch every 0,5 cm. And TA-DA!!!!!


And I want to use the occasion to ask you for some help! As you may know I’m moving out at the end of the week and I’m hosting a clothes sale yard in my apartment at République from 8 am to 7.30 pm, as a sort of reverse housewarming. In between classes or at lunch break… I’m waiting for you! For access informations you can ask me at ! Please share ! Thank you kitties !

25 mars, 2014