Happy monday my little cats! 

I am glad to give you this special Grand Budapest Hotel shooting today! Thanks to Nose we had the good luck to be able to shoot at the Raphael hotel, for the fans you might recognize the setting of the short-movie hotel Chevalier by Wes Anderson… Btw, I re-watched this short-movie for the purpose of the post and Justine B looks like Nathalie Portman so much that it is unsettling! 

I am really happy with the result, and to have been able to make this shooting with my friends, I rarely have fun like I did that time making the stylization for the serie, but it wasn’t easy. Because the shooting was organized in a very very short time and finding costumes mauve and purple with such a short notice was almost mission impossible, we had to improvise a little… On top of it I was delighted to make this shoot with Charlotte Evrard, whom I love working with (Make my Party among other things!!) and who helps me a huge deal with my happy friday. Thank you Charlotte for everything! I need to tell you, this shoot with Justine B, even though we look like we sulk big time, we are real actor studio, if you knew how horrible we were laughing all the time… Charlotte, who had just seen the movie the day before the shoot, was deeply into it and was coaching us like crazy with incredible sentences of her own so we’d get into the shoes of Wes Anderson’s characters… 

We giving you today a few scenes of the movie… I hope you’ll enjoy it, be assured that new collaborations, faces and writers will soon be around here… 

Je vous embrasse fort!



We're wearing Cédric Charlier pour La Redoute pants and coat, an Asos shirt, lobby boy hats Larose Paris. Justine's wearing a Laurent Desgrange bow tie, and I'm wearing a Balzac Paris one with a Macon et Lesquoy brooch. 




We are wearing an crazy Asos mauve suite and an Asos light shirt, Larose Paris hats. Justine is wearing converses, and Macon et Lesquoy brooches. I'm wearing What For shoes and a bow tie Laurent Desgrange.




We are wearing Mina Crew dresses, all unique made out of vintage linen sheets! 




 Justine is wearing an Asos Premium dress, a River Island necklace and an Asos turban, and a vintage chapka, and I'm wearing an Asos dress with the famous "Air de Panache" by Nose!




Justine is wearing pants EDC pour ESPRIT and a top  Esprit and I'm wearing a Morgan jacket and an Esprit skirt. 

Photographer : Charlotte Evrard - Stylization : Lisa Gachet - lobby boys : Justine Beaussart & Lisa Gachet. Thank you to L'Hotel Raphaël, Stéphanie, Nose, Nicolas and Mark, Justine and my Charlottes team. 

24 mars, 2014